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BugCo and Top2Bottom Inspections

Integrity Means Everything

When it comes to your family, your home and your business, you want professionals that have the equipment, knowledge and experience to handle any problem you throw at them with integrity. That’s why decorated Marine John Onofrey built not one, but two, outstanding service-oriented businesses to protect the things that matter most: Top 2 Bottom […]

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Balanced Body Image - Dr. Julia Ward

Introducing kybella!

Have you been finding yourself glancing in the mirror and honestly wondering how that excess skin and fat ended up under your chin? You always swore you’d never have a double-chin like your older relatives did, but now you find yourself staring at a double-chin of your very own. The great news is that, unlike […]

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Food /Drink
Cajun Cuisine

Living his dream.

Wes Sims, owner of Cajun Cuisine, spent 44 years in the oilfield business. “I never cooked a thing until I was a twenty-something year old bachelor and didn’t like what I could buy. My mom and my grandma were great cooks. I would call my mom for help, and I watched Great Chefs on TV. […]

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David Bowie Race Cars

Want a 2017 Camaro that does a
six second ¼ mile?

Drag racing has existed since automobiles were first developed. For nearly a century, car-lovers all over the world have sought out the fascination found in two cars lining up and racing from a standing start. David Bowie understands this fascination. He’s wanted to build his own drag car his entire life. In 1999, as his […]

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Sick Children and Their Families Received 5 Star Treatment at Ronald McDonald House Houston Thanks to Magnolia Hotels and PwC Charitable Foundation

Day Included University of Houston Pre-Med Orchestra Private Performance, Interactive Kid Station, Parent Spa Treatments & Gourmet Candlelight Dinner WHAT: Since its first year in 2014, Five Star Day has given families of seriously ill children an opportunity to relax, be pampered, and take a break from the harsh reality of their child’s medical condition. This […]

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Stafford Centre

Clint Black is Coming Home!

On September 22nd, the Houston native and country music singer/songwriter takes the stage right here at Stafford Centre. Clint says, “One of my first jobs was selling subscriptions for the Houston Post in Stafford. I also did a short run singing at Sweetwater Country Club and my solo gig started in the Southwest parts of […]

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