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Bugco and Top2Bottom Inspections - Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind Knowing You’re Covered

Say there’s a spider in your yard. Is it the good kind that will keep other insects off your tomato plants…while not bothering anything else? Or the bad kind that might send you to the ER? Let BUGCO Pest Control handle all of your insect and rodent concerns, while you keep your peace of mind. […]

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Houston Methodist West Hospital

Meet the Doctors – A Team of Leaders in Breast Health – Right Here…Close to Home!

Meet The Doctors Plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Warren A. Ellsworth IV’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer when he was just one year old. “She had a mastectomy, but back then there was no reconstruction. So growing up, my mother had no breasts. We would find the little jelly things hiding in the freezer, […]

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Food /Drink
Cajun Cuisine

Living his dream.

Wes Sims, owner of Cajun Cuisine, spent 44 years in the oilfield business. “I never cooked a thing until I was a twenty-something year old bachelor and didn’t like what I could buy. My mom and my grandma were great cooks. I would call my mom for help, and I watched Great Chefs on TV. […]

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Youth in Philanthropy - YIP

Celebrating Youth in Philanthropy – YIP

“Through YIP, I have realized that even the slightest things that are done show that the community does care about everyone. I have broken out of my shell and become much more optimistic towards life.”~YIP Volunteer Shaping the leaders of tomorrow by energizing students to serve their community today is the core of the YIP […]

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“I no longer cry at parent-teacher conferences.”

When Jen Watson’s son Ty was in 3rd grade, he was struggling. “Reading was tough, but the school didn’t think he was old enough for a dyslexia test,” says Jen. “We started EduCoachNow (ECN)–the tutoring program at KnILE Center–where founder Betsy de Vega thought otherwise. Betsy recommended a doctor and we got a diagnosis of […]

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Stafford Centre

Clint Black is Coming Home!

On September 22nd, the Houston native and country music singer/songwriter takes the stage right here at Stafford Centre. Clint says, “One of my first jobs was selling subscriptions for the Houston Post in Stafford. I also did a short run singing at Sweetwater Country Club and my solo gig started in the Southwest parts of […]

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