A Vocal & Organized Advocate for Our Business Community

Randy Stacy, owner of Texas Insurance Agency-Fulshear, was part of the small group of business owners that founded the Fulshear Area Chamber of Commerce.

Fulshear Area Chamber of Commerce“Back in 2012,” says Randy, “a number of our area businesses—including my own—were members of the Central Fort Bend Chamber Alliance in Rosenberg. Taking part in that group…we really saw the benefits of being involved. At the same time, we felt a bit far removed from Rosenberg. We began brainstorming—what if we could create our own chamber…right here in the Fulshear area? We talked to Cheryl Stalinsky, our City Economic Development Director and she really encouraged us. We got the ball rolling and put together a plan of action…and our Chamber was launched in December 2013.”

Randy is the first elected Board of Directors President of the Fulshear Area Chamber of Commerce—the vocal and organized advocate for the Fulshear area business community. “Our challenge is to keep things fresh,” says Randy. “We want to be different…and we want to continue to mature and grow as we move forward. We strive to keep a spotlight on our businesses and to be an entity that is educationally beneficial to its members…from emails to networking breakfasts to bringing in business leaders and politicians for speaking events, our goal is to help our members realize their visions and achieve their goals. And we’ll always have the fun stuff too! The galas and festivals and parades…they are going to get bigger and better. At this year’s Broken Boot Casino Night, we will be raffling off a brand new 2015 Ford Mustang (only 300 tickets available, get yours soon!)”

Today the Fulshear Area Chamber has 250 members, and like the Fulshear area itself, it’s continuously growing. Check out the website to see the endless benefits of membership—and become part of the exclusive group that is committed to making the Fulshear area “A Great Place to Grow!”

Fulshear Area Chamber of Commerce


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