A Work of Art

Vino & Vinyl - A Work of ArtImagine a place where you can hang out with friends and try cool wines without intimidation. A lounge community with a “non-judgy” vibe. No TVS, no clocks…just fun! This is what Paul and Nichole Killingsworth have created with Fort Bend’s own work of art, Vino & Vinyl.

Paul says, “Many years ago, Nichole and I went to a local wine bar and were told to go to the back of the line until we found something we liked. We were young and inexperienced, and didn’t feel welcome. Vino & Vinyl is different. Here, what we want is for you to have an ‘a-ha’ moment with wine. Something so incredible…something you’ve never had before. We help you through that process.”

It’s a concept that works. Nichole and Paul—a certified sommelier—first opened the Missouri City Vino & Vinyl as a wine shop and record store. But when they learned customers wanted to stay and hang out…they converted to an incredibly successful wine bar. Last month, Vino & Vinyl’s second location opened in Sugar Land’s Town Square.

“Our wines are from small family producers,” continues Paul. “Wines you just can’t get in a grocery store. We love the ‘New California,’ where the wine is in more of a ‘French’ style. All of them are handmade and many are organic and sustainably grown. The best wines are a true sense of someone’s farming…because the farmers are the real stars. Small vineyards have a voice—a character of their own—and the best wines let that voice shine through. We don’t want it manipulated with artificial flavors and colors and fake acids and tannins.”
Vino & Vinyl - A Work of Art
Vino & Vinyl is a true work of art. In addition to the best wine, local art is featured on the walls and you’ll hear the best vinyl music around. Paul grew up in a musical family and was a professional bass player out of college. “We choose artists that create a good lounge environment. Some of the old stuff, but also lots of independents not on the radio.” Have some of your own favorites? Wednesday is BYOV (bring your own vinyl) night!

This artful intersection of great wine and music would not be complete without fabulous food. At the Town Square location, seasoned world traveler chef Tori Bergersen has created a bistro menu that pairs well with wine and pays homage to the diversity of Fort Bend County. In addition to cheese and meat boards (that are served on hand-crafted wood by Paul’s father), diners will find an Asian inspired rice bowl, an Indian-spiced appetizer, paninis, flatbreads and even an Italian cast iron skillet meatball…plus a Chef’s Feature entree every evening. In addition to fabulous wine, Vino & Vinyl serves more than 30 bottled beers.

Want this wine at home? Join Club Vino and get hand selected bottles every month that fit your taste and budget, plus a free pass to the monthly pickup party, 10% off your entire bill every time you hang out at Vino & Vinyl, and an additional 10% off wines to go.

Whether you step into the Missouri City or Sugar Land Vino & Vinyl, you get a real sense of community. They are in the business of converting guests into friends, and friends into family.

Vino & Vinyl - A Work of ArtVino & Vinyl
15977 City Walk Sugar Land, Texas 77479

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