The Best Med Spa…Right Here in Katy!

by Amy Sharp

In less than a two year span, Ageless Med Spa has been voted #1 Bioidentical Hormones, #1 Weight Loss Program, #1 Botox, # Laser Hair Removal and Best Med Spa in Katy, and received the prestigious SpaFinder Wellness Reader’s Choice award. What makes this med spa on the Grand Parkway stand out above the others, both locally and nationally? The philosophy and ideals of its founders…Medical Director Dr. Elvis Torres and Clinical Director Danielle Steel.

Danielle says, “What we do here is not just cosmetic. We slow down the aging process and improve quality of life. We want you to feel good. I’ve walked the walk. I lost 80 lbs through the HCG weight loss program. My life change really opened the door to wellness and instilled in me a passion for helping people feel better, both inside and out. We are here to help everyone–men and women and children–live a healthy lifestyle.”

All procedures at Ageless Med Spa are medically supervised by Dr. Torres, a renowned Ob/Gyn, Cosmetic Gynecologist, Cosmetic Surgeon and pioneer in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Dr. Torres says, “I want you to look ageless…with an enhanced natural beauty. That is why no matter what program we agree is best suited to your needs–be it hormone therapy, a cosmetic procedure, Botox/Juvéderm, etc.–we always start small and come back and tweak as needed. With bioidentical hormone replacement, I monitor and adjust your treatment continuously through blood work and follow up visits to check your symptoms, progress and how you are feeling. The most important patient I have is always the one sitting right in front of me. When you see me, I’m going to give you my undivided attention and really listen. I firmly believe that each patient is an individual with different needs, and there is no cookie cutter answer for anyone.”

Awards notwithstanding, Ageless Med Spa enjoys an excellent “word of mouth” reputation. Danielle says, “We have an extremely high referral rate. We’ve been blessed with wonderful growth and will be expanding in 2015. We are so excited to extend our passion for healthy living to even more of our Katy neighbors!”

Check out Ageless Med Spa on the web or Facebook for even more information and great specials, like the “Pick any 3!’…choose three beauty enhancing and life changing procedures for one bottom line, low price!


Ageless Med Spa
414 West Grand Parkway South #115
Katy, TX 77494

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