Bright Smiles At Any Age

by  Katie Rice

“While a good bite is the overall goal of orthodontics,” says Dr. David S. Bright, D.D.S. MS, “the real reward is the boost in self esteem that comes with straighter, brighter smiles. You’re never too old or too young to get the smile that you deserve!”

How early can you start? Dr. Bright says, “Elementary age kids, ages 6 or 7, are the perfect age for an orthodontic screening. When permanent teeth begin to appear, orthodontic problems do too. Early treatment–‘interceptive orthodontics–can ensure better results with less trouble.”

Though early screening is recommended, the most common age for orthodontic treatment is 11 to 15…when self esteem is crucial! Dr. Bright says, “I have children (a lot of them!) at home. I know how tumultuous those early teen years can be…and years ago braces weren’t exactly fashionable. But things have come a long way! We offer Invisalign, ceramic, metal, and lingual (behind the teeth) braces. We work with you to find a solution, because treatment at this age impacts a teen’s bright future.”

But that’s not to say adults can’t receive orthodontic treatment. Dr. Bright says, “I myself wanted and needed braces as a kid, but I didn’t get them until I was in dental school. With today’s technology there are so many options available for adult treatment that we can correct an adult’s smile without interfering with their work or social life. It’s never too late!”

“We love making things really fun for our patients,” says Dr. Bright. “That’s why our offices in include refreshments, hot cookies and donuts, gaming systems and fish tanks.” And Dr. Bright also knows what’s not fun…traffic! “With Katy growing westward so quickly, we knew it was getting more and more difficult for some of our faithful patients to get to our office. With no orthodontist in Fulshear we decided to open a location there to better serve our westward patients. That move coincided with moving our Katy location from Kingsland to Mason Rd…in the same building we started out in 30 years ago! We are super excited about the changes and so blessed to serve this community in a larger capacity!”

Bright Orthodontics
810 S. Mason Rd., Ste 290
Katy, TX 77450

Fulshear Location
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Richmond, TX 77406

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