Dress Up Your House for the Holidays

by Amy Sharp

We all know the routine: eating, drinking, shopping, waiting in line, sitting in traffic, online shopping, cleaning, entertaining, cooking, more shopping. The holidays can be as stressful–or stress free–as you make them. The one place that should feel relaxing is your home. But yikes, it’s your year to host Thanksgiving! Are you ready for Stress?

“It doesn’t have to be that way!” says Teri Gilberg, aka ‘the Re-Modelista,’ at Kitchen and Bath Showroom, “Now is a great time to reassess your living space…and we would love to show you how much untapped potential is in your home! Chances are…you can have adequate kitchen counter space, a big enough oven (or ovens!) and beautiful bath space for your guests!”

But counters, cabinets and paint colors, oh my! And you thought you were making life less stressful with a remodel! Teri says, “Don’t be overwhelmed by the million steps needed to remodel your kitchen or bathroom. We offer design services with a licensed designer, or we can work with your design. We can replace a single element or create an entire kitchen or bath for you from the ground up…with tile, cabinets, countertops, appliances, paint and more!” With more than fifty years combined experience in the industry, the trio of Teri, Mike Stevens and Mark Carter at Kitchen and Bathroom Showroom has you covered. Teri says, “Mike keeps things running smoothly, and has a wealth of knowledge and resources at his fingertips. Mark specializes in design and has been designing and installing kitchen cabinets and countertops since 1990. In my former life I coordinated contractors for one of the biggest ‘Big Box Stores.’ I understand that when you have questions or concerns, you want answers. That is why I personally set foot on every one of our jobs and I’m there checking in throughout the project. They work is not done until both you and I are satisfied!”

With the help of Kitchen and Bath Showroom, make this the holiday you breathe deeply and set your inner grinch free…in the beautiful dressed up home you’ve always dreamed of!


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