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Meet The Doctors

Houston Methodist West HospitalPlastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Warren A. Ellsworth IV’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer when he was just one year old. “She had a mastectomy, but back then there was no reconstruction. So growing up, my mother had no breasts. We would find the little jelly things hiding in the freezer, which later I realized were her breast prosthesis,” says Dr. Ellsworth. His father passed away due to complications of lymphoma when he was in high school. As Dr. Ellsworth started medical school, he thought he would be a heart surgeon. “I had no thoughts of being a plastic surgeon. But as I learned more about breast reconstruction, I became more intrigued. I introduced my mom to my mentor while completing my residency in plastic surgery. My mom had lost her husband and her kids were now adults. Dating was difficult. She had breast reconstruction and it changed her life. It brought back her femininity and opened doors. Some of the stress of dating was removed. It was great to see her happy.”

After seeing his mother’s metamorphosis, Dr. Ellsworth joined the surgical group. “I had seen the emotional side of breast cancer…the huge scar, the dealing with a prosthesis, and dressing up to the collarbone…making swimsuits and negligees nearly impossible. With reconstruction, the healing process can start. And I fell in love with the advances in the actual surgeries.”
Breast Surgical Oncologist, Dr. Candy Arentz also grew up with a family member who wore a breast prosthesis. “My paternal grandmother had breast cancer, and when she would hide her breasts in her bedside table, the kids would sneak looks at them,” says Dr. Arentz. “I became more interested in the passing of the breast cancer gene on the paternal side…because women on my dad’s side had breast cancer. Thankfully, my genetic testing was negative. But I really saw first hand the importance of genetic counseling and testing in prevention.”

The Building of a Team
Houston Methodist West HospitalDuring her surgery residency, Dr. Arentz saw things she thought could be made better. “There were limited resources, and the care was fragmented. There was little to no communication between doctors. And you want communication when you are seeing three or four doctors a week. As a matter of fact, if it’s your mom or yourself…you would want to see everybody on the same day!”

And that’s what the comprehensive breast care program at Houston Methodist West Hospital brings to the table. A team approach to treatment, right here close to home. Dr. Arentz says, “We are with you from diagnosis to treatment to support services. You deserve the best cancer care possible. Historically, Katy residents had to go to the Medical Center for complex procedures. Now we are doing them right here in our community. With the team approach, we get together—the oncologist, the radiologist, the surgeon, the plastic surgeon—everyone we think we might need, and we discuss your case. It opens the doors to the possibilities in your treatment’s path. This is not fragmented care.” Dr. Ellsworth adds, “In other hospitals, if you undergo a mastectomy, you are assigned the plastic surgeon on staff that day. That surgeon may have little to no knowledge of your case prior to walking in the OR. Here, we’ve discussed your case as a team, and we know exactly what we need to do in the OR. You can undergo a mastectomy and reconstruction at the same time, and every surgeon in the room is on the same page.”

Houston Methodist West HospitalHouston Methodist West Hospital is equipped with the latest and most advanced technology and equipment. Dr. Ellsworth says, “Things are changing rapidly. What we learned in medical school is not what we are doing now.” Among the many medical advances available at Houston Methodist West is SAVI SCOUT—a new technology to guide surgeons to the precise location of the disease during the surgical process. High Dose Rate treatment will also be available starting in November offering treatment for breast cancer with radiation in five days versus the traditional six weeks. Dr. Arentz says, “The stress and scheduling is cut down tremendously, and it’s close to where you live. Cancer is invasive. Our job is to get you back to your life sooner.”

Dr. Arentz grew up in Spring. She attended Texas A&M University, UTMB and completed her residency at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center in Lubbock. Her husband, Jerry, is a nurse practitioner at Houston Methodist West, and they reside in the area with their three children. Dr. Ellsworth, born in Houston, grew up in the Rice University area and spent part of his childhood in Europe. He graduated from Lamar High School, attended the University of Virginia, and completed both medical school and his residency at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. His wife, Dr. Rachel Ellsworth is a colorectal surgeon at Houston Methodist West Hospital and they recently welcomed their brand new, three month old baby.
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