Sugar Land Skeeters – More Than Just Baseball

Sugar Land SkeetersMarcie Zlotnik and her husband Bob are successful entrepreneurs. Back in 2011, their company StarTex Power bought the naming rights to the proposed Sugar Land Skeeters stadium. But before the first game was played, StarTex was sold to Constellation. Marcie says, “I still have a picture where the name of the stadium is StarTex Power Field.” Soon after, Marcie and Bob became ⅓ owners of the team, and today they are full owners of the Skeeters.

“My passion is employees and customers. Empowering the former and never forgetting the latter,” says Marcie. “The Skeeters aren’t just a baseball team. We’re an entertainment venue…a place to take the kids and get to know your neighbors. If we don’t sweat the details, if we don’t listen to our customers, we won’t have a venue people want to visit.” Self-described as demanding but fair, Marcie wants her employees to be more than just content, they need to be an integral part of the process from problem identification to resolution. At StarTex, she asked her employees for ideas that would make their job better, ideas that could be implemented in 90 days. “It was simple ideas they recommended, but things we couldn’t see because we weren’t on the front lines dealing with the customer day-to-day. The impact was measurable and employees had ownership of their projects from start to finish. There’s a solution for everything…you just have to care enough to find it and see it to fruition.”

Furthering the Skeeters’ commitment to this community, Marcie co-founded the Skeeters Baseball Foundation, an organization that promotes youth education and healthy activities for culturally, racially and economically diverse populations in this area. Recent beneficiaries include the Alief YMCA, The Arc of Fort Bend, Fort Bend Boys and Girls Club, and the First Colony Dream League.
Last year the Skeeters won it all: Atlantic League Champions. “We were in New York, and we all ran out on the field after the final out,” says Marcie. “I ended up with the trophy. I was walking through the hallways to the locker room by myself. It was a surreal moment, just me and this huge trophy. What an honor it was.”

The Skeeters 2017 season is in full swing at Constellation Field. Come by, see the game, have fun with the kids and get to know your neighbors. It’s always a great time!

To purchase tickets, you can visit us online or call 281-240-4487

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