Outdoor Living Spaces Built Just for You!

Imagine a place outdoors where you can spend an entire day swimming, entertaining friends and family, serving drinks and meals and watching the big game. Kryshon Bratton, co-owner of Bratton Pools with her husband Mike, says, “We started building and renovating pools years ago. What we learned from our clients is that many times just a pool is not enough. To really enjoy their backyard…people want an outdoor living space.”

Outdoor living space designs can include anything and everything you like. Pergolas, pavilions, a pool, waterfalls and fountains, rock formations, custom lighting and audio visual amenities…the possibilities are endless! Kryshon says, “If you are looking to spend your nights and weekends entertaining while enjoying the beautiful outdoors, we can construct a custom outdoor kitchen just for you. With concrete and granite countertops, industrial ice makers and refrigerators, warm drawers, ovens and stoves–anything your indoor kitchen has, we can make it a part of your outdoor kitchen. To extend the life of the outdoor space into fall and winter, an outdoor fire pit is a popular choice. Imagine nights gathered around the fire…in your own backyard. And to truly make the space yours, we can add custom waterfalls, spillovers, lighting, mounted televisions and speakers…whatever fills the needs of your family and makes it a space that everyone can truly enjoy.”
Bratton Pools
“Our outdoor living spaces undergo the same design process as our pools,” continues Kryshon. “We go out to your home, take a look at your space, and get a feel for what you are wanting. Then we come up with 3D plans where you can really see your ideas come to life. Every yard is different, so have no set designs. What I love is that through the designs, we really see the personality of our clients come out. The space really becomes your space!”

And design is only the beginning of the fabulous service Bratton Pools provides. Kryshon says, “We never manage construction remotely. We are very hands-on and supervise the process directly every step of the way. Mike and I are committed to making sure you never feel in the dark…we are with you until your outdoor living space is finished to your satisfaction.”

A family-owned and operated business, Bratton Pools maintains an A+ rating with the BBB. Check out Bratton Pools on FaceBook and see the endless possibilities for your outdoor living space. As one satisfied Bratton customer says, “It’s like we added a giant room…right in our backyard!”

Bratton PoolsBratton Pools


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