Protect Yourself from ANY Virus

Are you wondering how to stay healthy during COVID-19? The team at Balanced Body Functional Medicine—including founder and physician Dr. Julia Ward, nutritionist Karen Looney, patient care coordinator Kris Green, and office manager Michelle Sweet and Sharon Sweet—is here to help!

Dr. Ward says, “We want to make sure you feel protected and taken care of during this unusual season and time. Obviously, wash your hands. But there’s more you can do at home. Probiotics, immunoglobulins, vegan-based protein shakes and omega-3s are all supplements that boost your immune system. We’ve also identified three supplements that protect you from viruses: Xcellent C by Xymogen, Viracid by OrthoMolecular, and vitamin D3 with K2.”

To further assist you, Dr. Ward’s team has created a free, 30-day Healthy Living COVID-19 program that includes daily healthy recipes, 21 mindfulness videos to reduce stress and anxiety, daily recommendations to protect yourself from the coronavirus, stretching and yoga routines, and updates as well as tips from the CDC and WHO. “Mindfulness, stretching and yoga are key practices during a lot of change economically, emotionally and even physically,” says Dr. Ward. “These are daily steps you can take right now to ward off COVID-19. We guide you through it!”

Supercharge your immune system so you don’t have to worry about ANY sort of virus. More information on supplements can be found on a blog post titled “Top 7 Supplements to Boost Your Immune System and Protect Yourself from Viruses” at

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