Speaking About Speech

by Joelie Key-Tissot

Communication is about more than pronouncing words correctly…it’s also about coming up with the right words in the right order in the first place. You probably expect a speech therapist to handle speech disorders like a stutter or a lisp, but skilled speech therapists also treat language disorders like forgetting how words or sentences are formed, what they mean or how to use language appropriately. Dana and Jason Johnson, speech therapists and husband-wife founders of Speech Therapy Unlimited say, “Our speech therapists can help you overcome speech disorders…and language disorders too!”

Language disorders can affect people at any age. Jason says, “A child who ‘sounds’ fine but has the vocabulary and comprehension of a much younger child needs speech therapy to bridge the gap and communicate with others.” Dana says, “Stroke can cause aphasia, a language disorder that results from damage to portions of the brain that are responsible for language. Often, a person can still think, but can’t find or assemble the right words to communicate. Speech therapy can help you express yourself and have others understand you, especially when intensive therapy begins soon after the stroke.”

Luckily, no treatment needs to be a bitter pill! Dana and Jason with their team of Licensed Therapists make therapy FUN! Jason says, “I might be talking Texans football with a senior or Pokemon with a 4th grader, but we are secretly working on recall, articulation, sequencing or even specific sounds. iPads, Kindle Fires, and Smart Phones are all platforms for great speech therapy exercises. One of the best things about these tools is that whether my patient is six years old or eighty-six, it’s age-appropriate. Kids think technology is cool and adults don’t feel like it’s a childish way to build their skills.”

Dana and Jason agree, “Speech therapy isn’t something we ‘do’ to people. They do the work, while we guide them and cheer them on. Whether your child says ‘wabbit’ instead of ‘rabbit’ or your parent struggles to locate the right words or to understand what you’re saying…we’re here to empower all our patients to communicate with confidence.”

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