The Thai Secret to Better Health

by Stacey Eskelin

Imagine a world apart from the daily traffic jams and depressing news reports and endless road construction. Imagine a secret bower of lemongrass and jasmine-scented tranquility and bliss. You are ushered inside with a warm smile. Water music gurgles from a nearby fountain, adding to the enchantment. Welcome to Therapeutic Thai Massage, your oasis in a hectic, deadline-driven life.

Owners Theo and his wife Mona, a licensed massage therapist formally trained in both Thailand and Texas, see the benefits of Thai massage everyday. “Modern living forces us to sit too long,” Mona explains. “We sit behind our computer keyboards, our television remote controls, the steering wheels of our cars, sometimes for hours at a time. This causes muscle imbalances and terrible, sometimes crippling, stiffness in the legs, glutes, and lower back. We get shoulder impingements. Phantom pain in our necks. With Therapeutic Thai Massage, we address those imbalances by applying gentle pressure right on the source of the problem. Think of Thai Massage as assisted Yoga stretches that improve your health, your mood, and rejuvenate your spirit.”

The other downside to sitting too much is inactive gluteal muscles (you’re probably sitting on them right now) and their baleful effect on the abdominals. The abs simply go slack. Weak abs mean the back is left unprotected, and is therefore vulnerable to injury. “Even with correct exercise,” Theo says, “the pain caused by some muscles doing all the work while straining against other muscles that are dormant can’t always be eliminated. Having a trained and licensed professional ‘get in there’ and release the source of the problem is a necessity for comfort and health.”

Therapeutic Thai Massage attracts a broad range of enthusiasts, many of them chiropractors, doctors, physical therapists, and others from the healing community. With a remarkable combination of acupressure and soothing Yoga massage, you’ll improve your circulation, repair overtaxed muscles, and correct imbalances. “In our most popular choice, the Thai Combination Massage, you will receive the therapeutic benefits of Thai Massage with the deep relaxation of Hot Stone Massage and aromatherapeutic oil,” Mona says. “There is nothing mechanical or ‘brisk and efficient’ about the way we work on you. A great massage has a symbiosis, an energetic flow to it. When you grace us with your presence here at Therapeutic Thai Massage, we want your experience to be unforgettable.”

When the tension in your body is released and your energy flows freely, both your body and your mind will be renewed. Make Therapeutic Thai Massage part of your regular routine…and enjoy each day to the fullest.

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