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Twenty-five years ago a group of Christian men began meeting for prayer, study and fellowship. Many good books were shared, but the works of Dr. Paul Brand– a missionary doctor in India–inspired the men to make a difference in our world.

That difference began in Peru in a garbage-dump town. Through their Future Seekers program, the men provide tuition, uniforms, a daily hot meal, and tutoring for about 100 street kids who otherwise would not be in school. Fifteen years strong. they now have graduates in universities and working to help their families escape poverty.
Out of this group, in 2013 Fulshear Outreach & Development (FOD) was born. Volunteer Bob Patton says, “While we continue to support our Peruvian programs, we realized there was a need close to our homes. If we could find success in a third world country, we certainly thought we could do the same right here! Our mission is to work directly and partner with other organizations to bring hope and justice to the indigent poor of our community.”

FOD is currently rebuilding a house for a local woman. “Her situation was desperate,” says Dr. Dale Olson, pastor of New Creation Lutheran Church, an FOD partner organization. “With no insulation and holes in the walls and roof, the ceiling was sagging so low I couldn’t even stand straight. The only water to the house went to the bathtub…where all water was drawn– you carried a bucket to the toilet to flush, and water for washing dishes was heated on the hot plate…the only cooking appliance. She lived there with her daughter and grandchildren. Can you imagine how difficult life is for this family?”

“Our undertaking,” continues Dr. Olson, “is to build up the family, lift them out of their circumstances. We want kids to stay in school, get jobs. And we know it takes more than building houses. Through Family Hope–our FOD food bank–we feed our hungry families. We are launching an after-school tutoring program. The only way to break the cycle is to make education accessible…but that is difficult when you have difficult living conditions and you’re hungry. We start with shelter and food, and we continue through education.”

“The system works,” explains Bob. “A Peru graduate, Nicole, lived in one room with her mom and siblings when she started our program. Today she is training to be a flight attendant at university…and will be able to help her family out of poverty. We can do the same in Fulshear…we really feel the poverty is manageable here!”
FOD is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with only one paid employee, the Family Hope Director. The rest are volunteers. Funded by donations and fundraising, almost 100% of your dollars go to those that need it. How can you help? Dr. Olson says “You can partner with us to hand out food and tutor students. If you’re part of an organization looking for volunteer opportunities or have a young adult wanting service hours, give us a call!”

Donations are always welcome (and tax deductible.) Check out Fulshear Outreach & Development…you can make a difference!

Fulshear Outreach & Development
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