Top Five Signs You Need Alan’s Plumbing

By Joelie Key-Tissot

How do you know when a plumbing problem is really a problem for a professional, licensed plumber? We asked Alan’s Plumbing, our local plumbing experts, for the top five reasons to make the call:

(5) Toilet trouble. Does yours run all the time or take forever to refill? Does it have a weak flush, not flush at all or does it overflow? These symptoms can mean your toilet is defective or a drain is clogged. A plunger can only do so much before it’s time to call Alan’s Plumbing.

(4) Faucets. Do you have any faucets that are dripping or just not working well? Almost all faucets come with lifetime warranties through the manufacturer. Take a quick phone snapshot of your faucet and send it to Alan’s Plumbing to identify your faucet brand and get started on getting a replacement.

(3) High water. Does the water rise above your ankles when you shower? Does the sink fill up while you’re brushing your teeth? Your pipes could have a stoppage or a hair or grease build-up and probably need a good clean out.

(2) Hot water. Is your hot water flow inconsistent? Is there rust on or around your water heater’s storage tank? How old is your water heater? It may be time for a replacement. Sediment build-up in the tank can cause that banging noise you hear when you run your hot water. It’s an annoyance and a sign of an aging water heater.

And, perhaps the most important…

(1) LEAKS. Do you have wet spots under your sinks, in crawl spaces or attic? Have you seen water stains on your ceilings or walls? Is there water on the floor around your toilet tank? Do you see or smell mold under pipes or valves? Does your water meter keep running even when you have no water running in your house? These may be signs of leaks. Leaks in fixtures, pipes, valves, toilets and water heaters can be repaired inexpensively before they lead to a pricey replacement or astronomical water bill.

If you notice any of these signs, call a plumber you can trust. Alan’s Plumbing is a family-run business built on professionalism, experience and a strong work ethic. Alan Burkhalter, his three sons—Beau, Luke and Jake—Alan’s brother Chris and team member Kyle are all more than just plumbers. They are your neighbors. Call 281-261-1064 and Jennifer, Alan’s wife and mother of Beau, Luke, and Jake, will talk you through shutting off your water (if needed) and will get you scheduled for service. Remember, help is only a phone call away!

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