What Will Be After COVID-19?

We’re all feeling it. In some way, each of our lives has been upended by the COVID-19 pandemic. Closed restaurants, distance learning in schools, canceled concerts. Perhaps you’ve even experienced a telehealth doctor visit as a direct result of the pandemic. What Will Be After COVID-19? But what happens when it’s over? This opens a lot of questions for the way business is conducted in the future. Do we go back to the old ways, or does a new normal emerge? What do the consumers want?

Creative Consumer Research (CCR) has been helping companies find these types of answers for more than 42 years. President Patricia Pratt says, “Now more than ever, companies need to know what the people want. What are their perceptions? Continuous learning is essential. It’s vital that businesses understand what customers expect as we move forward. Here at CCR, we conduct more than 1500 market research projects per year. We have the experience necessary to formulate the appropriate questions for optimal consumer insights research. Our sole purpose is providing excellent marketing research services to clients in both the public and private sectors. We can gather this information through focus groups, online surveys, phone interviews, Zoom meetings, meetings at our office, sending out questions, and more.”

However, CCR can only gather this information if people are interested in giving the information. That’s where everyone can participate! CCR is conveniently located right here in Stafford. They invite anyone and everyone age 18 and older to participate in research. Patricia says, “Your fresh thoughts and ideas provide honest insight to our clients. There are no right or wrong answers. Your opinion can and will make a difference in the way our future world looks. The criteria for every study is different, so the more people in our database the better.”

CCR is the most respected public opinion source. You can participate with the assurance that all of your information is stored internally, and your name will never be sold. This opportunity is completely confidential. “We’ve never had anyone not enjoy the experience,” says Patricia. “This is fun, it’s flexible, and there’s no commitment at all. You’re always compensated for your time. We thank YOU for helping shape our future!”

If you would like to participate in research at CCR, visit www.ccrsurveys.com and fill out the form.

Creative Consumer Research
3945 Greenbriar Dr., Stafford, TX 77477


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