When You’ve Already Paid For It…You Should Use It!

When You’ve Already Paid For It…You Should Use It!
Amy Sharp

Don’t you hate it when you pay for your groceries but forget to put them in the car? Wait a minute…you would NEVER do this! But maybe you’re doing the very same thing with your dental benefits! Dr. Thomas Lomonte in Stafford says, “Each year, millions of people allow their dental benefits go to waste. If you are paying your dental insurance premiums every month, you should be using your benefits!”

“Premiums, yearly maximums, deductibles and the certainty that dental problems will worsen are all extremely important reasons to maximize utilizing your dental benefits,” says Dr. Lomonte. “Even if you don’t require any treatment, regular cleanings are proven to help prevent and detect early signs of cavities, gum disease and other dental problems.” And when you do need treatment, nearly all plans have a yearly maximum, which is the absolute most money your plan will pay in a calendar year. But unused money does not rollover and is lost January 1st.

“Delaying dental treatment today puts you at risk for more expensive and extensive (and painful!) dental work down the road,” says Dr. Lomonte. “Plus, if you’ve already had some work done this year, chances are you have met your deductible…so it pays to have the additional work done before year end…because like the yearly maximum, the deductible also resets on January 1!” As an added bonus, health flexible savings account money can be used to pay for your portion of any dental work. And as we all know, like dental plans, FSAs are also “use or lose it”!

From moms and dads to kids and grandparents, Dr. Lomonte has been everyone’s family dentist since 1982! Call Dr. Lomonte today and schedule an appointment. If you require treatment, Dr. Lomonte and his team will walk you through the options and help you pick the treatment that works best for your mouth, your smile, your schedule and your benefits plan. And with that beautiful smile, you can be confident that you’re not walking out of 2013 with money left on the table!

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