Who Does Pest Control for YOUR Favorite Restaurant?

Bugco-Top2Bottom InspectionsDid you know that The City of Sugar Land has strict guidelines for all of our fabulous food establishments? Among the long list of requirements to pass inspection, all restaurants must provide proof of monthly pest control/extermination.

John Onofrey, owner of BUGCO Pest Control and Top 2 Bottom Inspections, loves a good steak. He and his family are frequent diners at Fernando’s Steakhouse—Sugar Land’s upscale locale for steaks and seafood prepared with Latin flair.

One day Fernando—owner and namesake of Fernando’s Restaurant—was flipping through UpClose magazine. “There was a picture of John!” says Fernando. “He was the pest guy for Classic Chevy. I’d had no idea that’s what he did for a living. The next time he came into the restaurant, I pulled him aside and asked if we could talk. I had known him for quite sometime as a customer and he is just the kind of guy I like to do business with. I wasted no time in signing BUGCO as the pest control company for my restaurant.”

John says, “We are so honored to be the company of choice for Fernando’s, one of my favorites! Where else can you enjoy exquisite food and service, plus candlelight, soft music, linen tablecloths and napkins? It’s a great place to relax or dance a few rounds on the dance floor with your sweetie. And I can tell you that I’ve seen that kitchen with my own eyes. The kitchen at Fernando’s is one of the cleanest around and as far as I’m concerned it’s going to stay that way.”

“I have been very pleased with the service that BUGCO provides,” continues Fernando. “Everyone that works for John is extremely polite. They show up on schedule driving a company vehicle and wearing a uniform…very professional. They get their job done quickly and are out of our way so that we can do ours. I’ve absolutely recommended them to other restaurants and businesses. I’d bet money you get the same great service and integrity with John’s other business, Top 2 Bottom Inspections. I haven’t had a need to use them yet…but the next time I need a building or home inspected…I’m calling John!”

BUGCO Pest Control has an outstanding reputation for attention to detail in the Greater Houston Area. “We realize that business owners want this required and necessary service performed discreetly,” says Chris Millward, the Operations Manager at BUGCO, “especially when it’s during business hours. We also gladly accommodate our commercial customers by coming in after closing if they wish. I know good commercial pest control providers are hard to come by…but here at BUGCO we vow to do whatever it takes to satisfy your needs. It’s the reason so many of our business clients and residential clients have relied on us for years!”

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