Your Vision is Our Mission

Freddie Woodley, CEO of CX Titan Construction, has been swinging a hammer since before he could drive. As a teenage attendant at a Kansas City True Value, Freddie learned to build simple projects like doghouses. By age 15, he was in the lumberyard operating the forklift and gaining valuable insight into the different materials. Recognizing his talent, a local construction company took him on as an apprentice, where Freddie learned to both build homes and renovate and remodel them.

As Freddie entered adulthood, he decided to make a change. He moved to Detroit, where an aunt took him in. “I was a young man,” says Freddie, “and a gentleman at our church took me under his wing and asked me what I wanted to do with my life. My only answer was ‘Find a job!’ But this man knew my skill set. As a token of appreciation for taking me in, I had built a deck onto my aunt’s house. The church frequently used the deck for BBQs and fellowship. My friend and mentor told me, ‘Look what you’ve built, you are the job!’ And that planted the seed in my head…I could promote my own business. I acquired licenses and everything I needed to be self sufficient…and my contracting business was born.”

In Detroit, Freddie’s business enjoyed an outstanding reputation. In addition to high-quality work, Freddie gave discounts to senior citizens and others needing help. Business was great, but the Detroit weather was gray, and Freddie—plus his new growing family—longed for warmer weather and sunshine.

In 2010, Freddie and his family landed in one of the hottest summers on record in Houston, TX. “We were really thinking, ‘What have we done?!’” says Freddie. But the family stuck it out and the heat subsided. They promoted their construction business and it flourished. “We did a lot of renovations and repairs,” says Freddie, “plus remodeling updates to kitchens and bathrooms. But as they say, ‘Everything’s bigger in Texas!’…and we wanted a piece of that too. So we expanded into the commercial arena.”

Today, CX Titan Construction is a leading Houston commercial building services contractor. From new building construction to interior office build-outs to basic home remodels, CX Titan takes pride in delivering turn-key, quality results in a timely and efficient manner. Freddie says, “Your vision is our mission. We work with you and be there for you throughout the whole process. If you’re not 100% satisfied with our services, we make the necessary accommodations and meet your expectations. We are committed to it!”

A HUB certified vendor for the State of Texas and member of the Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce, CX Titan provides expertise and cutting-edge innovation coupled with traditional building construction methods, meeting all of your commercial and residential needs. Call today for a free quote.

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