“I Just Love These Guys!”

That’s what Barbie Perry told us about her pharmacists at Campbell’s Compounding Pharmacy. And she should know. She’s been with them for more than five years!

The Best Care Experience Ever

Sugar Land natives Jamie Fish and her husband live in Richmond with their two young sons...five year old Landon, and Ashton who just turned two. Ashton—a typical, active toddler—was taking a nap when Jamie heard him whining. She went in to see if he was okay and he had blood smeared on his face, coming from his nose.

Not Terrible at All… Just FUN!

Local mom Norma Rivera knows a thing or two about kids being terrified of the dentist. “When my oldest, Daniel (now 15) was little, he had a very bad experience when getting some work done on his teeth. So bad...that he didn’t want to ever go back. He cried at the very mention of the word ‘dentist.’”

Houston is home to 55 types of mosquitoes.
They bite, morning, noon and night.

The Sugar Land area enjoys warm temperatures almost year round. That means shorts and sandals, short-sleeved T-shirts and a whole smorgasbord of exposed parts for mosquitoes and other biting insects to feed on. And they really line up for the attack.

Timely, Top-Notch, and Within Budget

Adrian and Lisa Davilá O’Toole wanted a full update for their 1980s kitchen. “We needed to take down a wall,” says Lisa, “opening the kitchen to the living area. Plus we wanted to rearrange the appliances, all new cabinets, granite, a gas stovetop with an updated hood, and new trim and baseboards.”

When The Days Are Long But The Years Fly

Kids. One day you’re showing them how to throw a football or tie a shoelace. The next day you blink and they’re all grown up, ready to show you a thing or two—about life, yourself, or in the case of master plumber Alan Burkhalter and his sons, just how well everything he taught them about plumbing actually stuck. The good news is they paid attention in a big way. And the results? “They’re first-rate plumbers,” says Alan. “I couldn’t ask for a better crew.”

Step by Step

When you have an ache or a pain...it’s difficult to know where to turn. Getting the right help at the right time can sometimes seem like you’re on a rabbit trail instead of a direct path for a solution to your problem. When Linda Miller first noticed her feet swelling and weakness in her legs, she consulted a couple of doctors without much help. One doctor even suggested she might need to get used to walking with a cane.

When You Can’t Take The Heat!

It’s hard for people who don’t live in the greater Houston area to wrap their heads around the fact that come March, summer can be ON in these parts. While the rest of the nation slumbers beneath a thick blanket of snow, shoveling sidewalks, salting overpasses and bundling wool scarves up to their eyeballs, people in southeast Texas may be wearing T-shirts and shorts. It’s absolutely fantastic to call this climate home, but let’s face it...the only thing that makes living in a subtropical climate like ours remotely bearable is air conditioning!

Are You Older Than 1.5 Years of Age?
Then you are ready for music lessons!

“Exciting things are happening at Fort Bend Music Center,” says Music Education Director Craig Latson. “With the recent addition of our Tunes for Toddlers program and our Keyboard Encounter for Seniors (KES) program, we now offer music lessons starting at age 18 months to 110 (and beyond!) Nobody does that!”

Seasons of Joy

Seven days a week, politicians, professional athletes, businessmen and women, and members of the working class descend upon a tiny spot on the corner of a strip mall on Highway 6 in Sugar Land. The ceiling is covered in colorful festive pinatas and the tables are reminiscent of a diner. The place isn’t swanky, and the line of people out the door on weekends aren’t there to be seen. They’re there to enjoy some of the best Tex-Mex around at one of the Houston Chronicle’s “Top 100” Restaurants in Houston.

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