G. Byron Janik, DDS…Now in Town Square!

G. Byron Janik, DDS has been maintaining healthy smiles for the residents of Fort Bend County for generations. “I’ve been practicing in Sugar Land for nearly 30 years,” says Dr. Janik. “And I’m so excited to now be associated and officing with Dr. Stuart Rimes.”

Be Cool and Feel Better with Cryotherapy

Imagine a place where you consistently leave feeling better than you did when you came in. An enjoyable—yet quick—experience that produces an endorphin rush, tighter skin, reduced inflammation, pain management, the best night’s sleep ever, and potentially some weight loss too. Look no further. This cool nirvana—Restore Cryotherapy—has arrived in Sugar Land.

The Future of Fitness is Here!

Koko FitClub, heralded by the LA Times as the Future of Fitness, is now open in Sugar Land! Are you ready for a change? This technology driven concept tailors your workouts so that you get the best gains possible for the time you spend in the gym.

If you’re seeing things, running through your house. Maybe it’s a roach… or even a mouse. Who you gonna call? BugCo.

Since 2007, John Onofrey, Chris Millward, and their team of “bugbusters” of BugCo have been combating pests in area neighborhoods. Know what’s creepy? Pests might be living in your home and you’re NOT seeing them!

Introducing kybella!

Have you been finding yourself glancing in the mirror and honestly wondering how that excess skin and fat ended up under your chin? You always swore you’d never have a double-chin like your older relatives did, but now you find yourself staring at a double-chin of your very own. The great news is that, unlike your older relatives that had to suffer with their double-chins, you can easily be rid of yours through simple treatments from our Sugar Land Dr. Julia Ward.

Integrity Means Everything

When it comes to your family, your home and your business, you want professionals that have the equipment, knowledge and experience to handle any problem you throw at them with integrity. That’s why decorated Marine John Onofrey built not one, but two, outstanding service-oriented businesses to protect the things that matter most: Top 2 Bottom Inspections (www.texasinspectors.net) and BUGCO Pest Control (www.bugco.org.)

The “A-Team” of Personal Transformation

According to legend, Aphrodite—the goddess of love and beauty—made an annual pilgrimage to the waters of Cythera. As she bathed and frolicked in the sea foam, her breathtaking loveliness was instantly restored. Renaissance painters fell over themselves trying to capture the allure of Aphrodite. The silver screen abounds with actresses who embody her archetype. But Aphrodite exists inside every woman who knows the power of looking and feeling her most beautiful best.

Technology-Driven Personal Training

When Veronica Malhiot’s physician, Dr. Liza Leal, suggested she find a small gym in her neighborhood, Veronica discovered Koko FitClub: the gym that uses technology to keep you accountable. “I just fell in love with the concept,” says Veronica. “It’s extremely motivating.”

Clint Black is Coming Home!

On September 22nd, the Houston native and country music singer/songwriter takes the stage right here at Stafford Centre. Clint says, “One of my first jobs was selling subscriptions for the Houston Post in Stafford. I also did a short run singing at Sweetwater Country Club and my solo gig started in the Southwest parts of Houston. I spent 10 years in the Houston nightclub circuit. Everytime I come back, things look different...so different I can’t believe my eyes.”

Living his dream.

Wes Sims, owner of Cajun Cuisine, spent 44 years in the oilfield business. “I never cooked a thing until I was a twenty-something year old bachelor and didn’t like what I could buy. My mom and my grandma were great cooks. I would call my mom for help, and I watched Great Chefs on TV. Having spent some of my childhood in Louisiana, I became very interested in Paul Prudhomme and Cajun cookin

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