Expect the Unexpected

Did you know Katy, TX was originally named Cane Island? The name was officially changed to Katy when it formally incorporated in 1945. Today, almost 75 years later, Rise Communities brings Cane Island back to Katy. Expect the unexpected!

Fort Bend First

When J.D. Sellers—owner of Optimal Sports Performance (OSP)—built his home nine years ago, there were bugs here and there for the first five years. J.D. says, “I had two different companies come out and both told me I needed to be on their monthly plan to get rid of the bugs. But it didn’t make sense to me. If they were doing their job...the bugs would be gone!”

Peace of Mind Knowing You’re Covered

Say there’s a spider in your yard. Is it the good kind that will keep other insects off your tomato plants...while not bothering anything else? Or the bad kind that might send you to the ER? Let BUGCO Pest Control handle all of your insect and rodent concerns, while you keep your peace of mind.

If you’re seeing things, running through your house. Maybe it’s a roach… or even a mouse. Who you gonna call? BugCo.

Since 2007, John Onofrey, Chris Millward, and their team of “bugbusters” of BugCo have been combating pests in area neighborhoods. Know what’s creepy? Pests might be living in your home and you’re NOT seeing them!

Integrity Means Everything

When it comes to your family, your home and your business, you want professionals that have the equipment, knowledge and experience to handle any problem you throw at them with integrity. That’s why decorated Marine John Onofrey built not one, but two, outstanding service-oriented businesses to protect the things that matter most: Top 2 Bottom Inspections (www.texasinspectors.net) and BUGCO Pest Control (www.bugco.org.)

From Mosquitos to Tan Lines…
Are YOU Ready for Summer?

There’s a lot to love about summer—longer days, warmer weather—but there’s a lot to loathe too. You’re showing more skin and spending more time outside, but those pesky mosquitoes and weird tan lines are just some of the woes that can ruin even the most perfect summer day.

NO Pests in this Pub

Food establishments in and around our fabulous community must adhere to strict building codes and inspections. One requirement of all establishments is regular pest control/extermination.

Feeling Right at Home

When Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Gary Greene Top Producer Debbie Marcell heard Renee McKelvey was joining her office, she couldn’t believe it. “Her previous company redid my floors...twice. And if I had known she was going into real estate, I would have gone after her with a vengeance.”

Fort Bend Pets Alive! hosts the second annual Fort Bend Shelter Pet Expo 2016

Rescheduled due to weather! New date is Saturday, May 14, same time and same venue!

Stellar Moving and Seamless Decluttering

Stephane Leveque moved to the United States from Haiti in 1999. “I took a job with a moving company in Los Angeles,” says Stephane. “It was a flexible position that allowed me to pursue my degree at the University of Southern California.”

Houston is home to 55 types of mosquitoes.
They bite, morning, noon and night.

The Sugar Land area enjoys warm temperatures almost year round. That means shorts and sandals, short-sleeved T-shirts and a whole smorgasbord of exposed parts for mosquitoes and other biting insects to feed on. And they really line up for the attack.

Timely, Top-Notch, and Within Budget

Adrian and Lisa Davilá O’Toole wanted a full update for their 1980s kitchen. “We needed to take down a wall,” says Lisa, “opening the kitchen to the living area. Plus we wanted to rearrange the appliances, all new cabinets, granite, a gas stovetop with an updated hood, and new trim and baseboards.”

When The Days Are Long But The Years Fly

Kids. One day you’re showing them how to throw a football or tie a shoelace. The next day you blink and they’re all grown up, ready to show you a thing or two—about life, yourself, or in the case of master plumber Alan Burkhalter and his sons, just how well everything he taught them about plumbing actually stuck. The good news is they paid attention in a big way. And the results? “They’re first-rate plumbers,” says Alan. “I couldn’t ask for a better crew.”

When You Can’t Take The Heat!

It’s hard for people who don’t live in the greater Houston area to wrap their heads around the fact that come March, summer can be ON in these parts. While the rest of the nation slumbers beneath a thick blanket of snow, shoveling sidewalks, salting overpasses and bundling wool scarves up to their eyeballs, people in southeast Texas may be wearing T-shirts and shorts. It’s absolutely fantastic to call this climate home, but let’s face it...the only thing that makes living in a subtropical climate like ours remotely bearable is air conditioning!

YOUR Home Cleaned YOUR Way
on YOUR Schedule

Melissa Flores, owner of Houston Avocado Company, runs a successful business and a busy household of five kids, three dogs, and a husband that likes a clean house. “I found Mahoney’s House Cleaning five years ago. My experience with cleaning services prior was not good. I had encountered both stealing and just poor quality in the work...and at the time I was trying to take care of it myself. It was through a lucky google search that I found the ladies at Mahoney’s.”

Are You Dreaming of a Perfect Kitchen?

Chances are, we’re not getting a white Christmas this year. But if your holiday dreams include a renovated and perfect kitchen...we’ve got you covered!

What Will YOU Find at Red Potato Market Days?

This month, more than 2,000 are expected at Red Potato’s biggest and best Market Days to date. Red Potato Market celebrates it’s second anniversary and 5th event in the Big Red Barn. “We have something for everyone,” says Laurie Cuthbertson, co-owner of Red Potato Market. “We’ve selected over 70 vendors from our area and areas as far away as Louisiana and Virginia. You’ll find antiques, vintage home furnishings, art, photography, crafts, lighting, glass, pottery, iron, lawn and garden items, vintage linens and clothing, fresh produce, beef, cheese, eggs and more!”

Outdoor Living Spaces Built Just for You!

Imagine a place outdoors where you can spend an entire day swimming, entertaining friends and family, serving drinks and meals and watching the big game. Kryshon Bratton, co-owner of Bratton Pools with her husband Mike, says, “We started building and renovating pools years ago. What we learned from our clients is that many times just a pool is not enough. To really enjoy their backyard...people want an outdoor living space.”

A Family Business That Acts Like Family

“I have called Alan’s Plumbing for my household plumbing repairs for 15 or 20 years,” says long-time Sugar Land resident Eileen. “My four grown children all live in Fort Bend County and they use Alan’s as well. What really stands out is that you can totally trust Alan, from his assessment and labor to his sons who work for him.”

Why Have Your Furnace Checked This Fall?

Before the cold weather hits, experts recommend having a professional examine your furnace to keep it in good running order and prevent it from failing when you need it the most. A large percentage of no-heat calls in the winter are related to a lack of maintenance.

Transforming 2015 from Bland to Grand!

NOW the GRAND REVEAL! A picture worth a 1000 words? We need more room for pictures!

Is Your Bathroom a Nightmare?

Moldy caulk, a shower pan that refutes cleaning no matter what chemicals you throw at it and horrid 1960s era tile. Throw in a dingy tub and stained sinks and it’s downright spooky, ugly, and dangerous. Jonee and Paul Barnett, owners of Miracle Method Surface Refinishing say, “We love Halloween, but scary doesn’t belong in your bathroom! If time has taken its toll, you don’t have to face the horror of pulling it all out and replacing everything. The Miracle Method can transform your tub, sink, tile, and vanity...and make all those nicks and cracks disappear!”

Your Vision is Our Mission

Freddie Woodley, CEO of CX Titan Construction, has been swinging a hammer since before he could drive. As a teenage attendant at a Kansas City True Value, Freddie learned to build simple projects like doghouses. By age 15, he was in the lumberyard operating the forklift and gaining valuable insight into the different materials. Recognizing his talent, a local construction company took him on as an apprentice, where Freddie learned to both build homes and renovate and remodel them.

Boutique Realty at It’s Finest

When three ACES: banker and realtor Nelvin Adriatico, interior designer and realtor Ella Guinhawa and real estate investor and developer Avinash Thadhani came together to create CORE Realty, they had one thing in mind: It’s all about You! “We are a boutique realty firm, dedicated to making the process of buying or selling as comfortable and stress-free as possible.” And when you do walk through their doors, you feel relaxed and at home. Edith offers you water, coffee, or even a glass wine. Then you meet the CORE team, and they want to know your story.

Who Does Pest Control for YOUR Favorite Restaurant?

Did you know that The City of Sugar Land has strict guidelines for all of our fabulous food establishments? Among the long list of requirements to pass inspection, all restaurants must provide proof of monthly pest control/extermination.

Is Your Home a Safe Haven for Rodents?

The most recent American Housing Survey released reports of incidents of rodents in 25 major cities across the United States. John Onofrey, owner of Top 2 Bottom Inspections and BUGCO Pest Control was not at all surprised that the Houston area reported some of the highest percentages of rodents in the country.

A Happy and Satisfied Customer!

Lisa Huddle has enjoyed living in First Colony for over 30 years. “My air conditioner was old, old, old!” says Lisa. “My heater was condemned, and I needed new duct work too. Basically...I needed a complete new system, and I wanted to get it replaced before my AC went out and I was stuck without it in the hottest summer months.”

Remodeling…It Doesn’t Have to be Overwhelming!

When Laurie Minard decided to remodel her kitchen, she was overwhelmed with the process, so she hired a contractor. However, Laurie would soon learn that not all contractors are created equal. “The contractor I hired was vague, and did not offer me options. Plus, I had to run around town and choose materials without guidance. The process was crazy because there were so many choices, and I was unsure where to start, much less what materials would work well with my ideas and most importantly, my budget.” The remodel process was not easy for Laurie, and she told me that she felt misinformed and worse, alone.

Transforming 2015 from Bland to Grand!

It’s September and the hustle and bustle for the holidays is fast approaching. Enjoy your 2015 holidays with new decor. “Bland is not an option,” says Caron Lopez, owner of Grand Windows & Interiors. Caron’s goal for your home is “Gorgeous, yet uniquely and comfortably yours!”

Happily Ever “After”

Does your kitchen or bath look like the “Before” picture in the latest HGTV episode? When you want a bathroom or kitchen that looks completely new, but you don’t want to deal with a complicated renovation, you don’t have to be a do-it-yourselfer. Paul and Jonee Barnett, owners of Miracle Method Surface Refinishing, have the “After” you’ve been looking for.

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