A Journey Worth Taking

Ulises BaltazarWhen you have an ache or a pain…it’s difficult to know where to turn. Getting the right help at the right time can sometimes seem like you’re on a rabbit trail instead of a direct path for a solution to your problem. When Linda Miller first noticed her feet swelling and weakness in her legs, she consulted a couple of doctors without much help. One doctor even suggested she might need to get used to walking with a cane.

Not one to take bad news sitting down, Linda continued her journey to wellness by seeing two more doctors. Along the way, she discovered it was the condition of the veins in her legs that was causing the swelling and weakness she was experiencing. When Linda told a friend at work about her latest discovery, her co-worker knew just who to recommend. “She told me ‘You have to see Dr. Baltazar!’” says Linda. “My friend’s friend had been seeing him for ten years and she just loved him.”
At her appointment with Dr. Baltazar, Linda was comfortable the moment she met him and felt an immediate rapport. She knew she had finally arrived when Dr. Baltazar told her, “I won’t do anything if it’s not going to help you.” Linda’s confidence was further bolstered by a side-comment she overheard while getting her ultrasound. The healthcare worker said, “If I ever have vein disease, Dr. Baltazar is the doctor I would see.”

After working with Dr. Baltazar, Linda no longer has any weakness in her legs and her swelling has been reduced by 85-90%. Chinese philosopher Lao-Tzu once said, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Linda took that first step and kept walking until she got the care she needed and deserved. Linda says, “It was a long road that led me to Dr. Baltazar, but once I got there the office staff was as nice as they could be. When I talked with Dr. Baltazar, he listened to my symptoms and never rushed me. If he didn’t understand me, he asked questions to clarify what I was saying. And with his treatment…I don’t need a cane! Both my husband and I really like him and recommend him.”

Certified by the American Board of Surgery in Vascular Surgery. Dr. Baltazar has been diagnosing and treating venous diseases for more than ten years. If you or someone you know is experiencing problems with venous insufficiency, take that first step and call Dr. Baltazar today.

Ulises Baltazar MD, RVT, FACS
now affiliated with the renowned Methodist Cardiovascular Surgery Associates
16605 Southwest Freeway, Ste. 505
(in the Methodist Professional Building 3)


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