A Wonderful Family and a Dedicated Business

Ruth Antonius has always been a supporter of local businesses. “I trust local businesses more, and the closer to us the better,” says Ruth. So when her granddaughter Chelsea started dating master plumber Luke Burkhalter more than six years ago, Ruth’s plumbing loyalty went to Alan’s Plumbing.

Alans PlumbingOwned by Luke’s father, master plumber Alan Burkhalter, Alan’s Plumbing has been in Fort Bend County for more than 40 years. This local business is both family-owned and operated. Luke’s mom Jennifer answers the phones and takes care of the business. His Uncle Chris is also a master plumber. Luke’s brother Beau is journeyman licensed, and his brother Jake is a plumbing apprentice. This crew is completed by dear friends: Longtime employee Jeff Johnson is journeyman licensed and Jaime and Trevor are also apprentices. “I LOVE the family aspect,” says Ruth. “It’s mom, dad and sons working together with close friends! You immediately get the feeling that they are going to take care of you.”

Ruth has called on Alan’s Plumbing for minor repairs, but the call that sticks out most in her mind was four years ago. Ruth’s husband Richard had a major illness and a lengthy hospital stay. “It was one of the worst times,” says Ruth. With Richard coming home to recover, Ruth needed to know he would be safe in the shower. She says, “In the hospital, they had a special showerhead that really worked well to sit down and take a shower. I also knew we needed grab bars. I talked to Luke and described what was in the hospital. He called his mom Jennifer, and the very next day Alan was at our house installing the showerhead and grab bars. Just an immediate response and he got it done smoothly and quickly. That small gesture made things so much easier for me knowing Richard was safer in the shower. They are just good people.”

Today Chelsea and Luke are married and their son Wyatt is the first of the next generation of Burkhalters. “In my heart and mind, I know without a doubt Alan’s Plumbing is top notch,” says Ruth. “Over the last couple of years, so many of my friends and neighbors have seen Chelsea’s picture with the Burkhalter family and they realize she is my granddaughter. They put it together, and then I hear all the time how people have known and trusted Alan’s Plumbing for many years. It’s such a good feeling. This is a wonderful family and a dedicated business…and of course I recommend them!”

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