Are You Dreaming of a Perfect Kitchen?

ReModelistaChances are, we’re not getting a white Christmas this year. But if your holiday dreams include a renovated and perfect kitchen…we’ve got you covered!

Teri Gilberg, better known as the Re-Modelista, says, “Each year the holidays have a way of sneaking up on unsuspecting homeowners. It’s the season when a lot of time is spent in the kitchen, preparing meals, eating, and visiting with friends and family. If you’ve been dreaming about a kitchen remodel, don’t let yet another year go by. You still have time to get it done!”

Whether you’re looking for larger or more functional workspace, adding much-needed storage space or just in general updating your outdated kitchen, the Re-Modelista can make your dreams a reality. “I would love to show you how much untapped potential is in your kitchen!” says Teri. “Chances are…you can have adequate kitchen counter space, a big enough oven (or ovens!) or even additional cabinets. In the kitchen pictured, the homeowners needed storage. We tore out the old cabinets, and built new ones in a more functional configuration, with additional cabinets built in the place of an old, walk-in pantry. To further update the look, we covered the island in an aesthetically pleasing stone—different from the silestone countertops. It’s beautiful and functional, the perfect place for the kids to gather and decorate Christmas cookies. To complete the new look, the grid ceiling with white beams and dark blue middles adds both a uniqueness and modernness to the kitchen.”

Let’s face it, entertaining is always more fun when you’ve got something to show off, and Teri’s crew will give you a kitchen that makes you glow with pride. She says, “My job is to make remodeling easy on you. Whether it’s helping with design, building cabinets, installing appliances, or laying tile…whatever you need, we’ll get it done. You can see some of our past transformations on our website, Call today, and we’ll create your perfect kitchen…before the holidays!

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