Authentic, Genuine and Real

by Sarah Warburton

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you, Jim McIngvale, aka “Mattress Mack” is a workhorse, not a show horse. He’s been walking the floor at Gallery Furniture twice a day for over thirty years…and now he’s bringing his unique blend of family-friendly entertainment, quality furniture, same-day delivery, and great customer service to Fort Bend in a 167,000 square facility that’s sure to become a must-see local destination.

Did you think furniture shopping was boring? Then you’ve obviously never been to GF with its playground, parrots, monkeys, motivational sayings on the walls, and cake, ice cream, and cookies. “Shopping for furniture should be fun for everyone,” says Mattress Mack. But it isn’t the bells and whistles that have made GF a success. He says, “Ever since day one, as a mom and pop team selling furniture on the side of the road, GF offered same-day delivery in a little red pickup truck. The other key to success is the staff on the floor. You’ll get friendly, customer-focused service that’s never pushy.”

Now Mattress Mack is honored and thrilled to bring GF out to Fort Bend. He says, “GF will work hard for your business…and be a good corporate citizen by giving back to causes like mental health and education, using local vendors and hiring local folks. Work, he believes, is truly the road to salvation. In fact, some members of GF’s current staff started with GF at just eighteen years of age…and now they’re senior management. That’s the American Dream in action! The Fort Bend location will have a Community Meeting Room, a full-service restaurant, and will also have 6000 square feet for the citizens of Brookwood Community to make and sell their crafts and artwork. Capitalism with a Cause starts with helping people find joy and purpose through the benefits of work.”

How has Mattress Mack had the energy to walk every inch of his showroom over 12,000 times, checking tags, rearranging furniture groups, and assessing the condition of each and every piece? The answer is simple…a good night’s sleep! That’s the reason they call him Mattress Mack! He says, “After so many years in the business, it’s clear what sets a really good mattress apart from a ‘so-so’ one. Lack of sleep in this modern, technical world is a crisis…and lack of sleep leads to dangerous driving, health conditions like obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. At GF you’ll find a range of great mattresses…including the Mack-o-Pedic, made right here in the United States, to offer you the best quality mattress for the best value.”

Mattress Mack is a showman…but he’s also the real deal. When he makes an offer–from same-day-delivery to refunding 8 millions dollars after GF’s big game promotion when Seattle won–GF follows through. Mattress Mack isn’t a fancy figurehead or spokesperson, he’s the same guy he’s been for the last 33 years, working in the same business…delighting customers every day.
He says, “Once again it’s a honor to be coming out to Fort Bend…one of the best communities in the world!”

Are you ready for a better night’s sleep or a fabulous new living room delivered today? As a gift from Mack himself, visit for your $250 GF Gift Certificate! Come shop at the North Freeway GF or the Post Oak Blvd. GF today and enjoy delivery today as they work hard to get ready for the Grand Opening of GF Grand Parkway!

Gallery Furniture

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