Is Your Bathroom Haunted?

If your tub is dingy, your bathroom sinks are stained, and the tile is beyond hope…your bathroom may be haunted by the ghosts of years gone by. Jonee and Paul Barnett, owners of Miracle Method Surface Refinishing say, “Time takes a toll on even the most beautiful bathroom, but you don’t have to face the horror of pulling it all out and replacing everything. The Miracle Method can transform your tub, sink, tile, and vanity…and make all those nicks and cracks disappear!”

Scary, ugly, and dangerous…all good words to describe the monster in a horror film, but bad words to describe your bathroom! If it looks like Freddy Krueger has been running his razors over your counters or Jason’s been hacking at your tiles, the Miracle Method can make years of damage seem like a bad dream. Jonee says, “All surface damage to tiles, tubs, and counters  is cleaned, filled and sanded before we refinish. The ceramic tile in your shower or on your bathroom floor, your tub, your sink, and counter can be given a stylish enameled look, or finished with Natural Accents™ for the multicolor appearance and texture of stone…at a fraction of the cost of replacing them!”

A “used-to-be” white tub can make you cringe at the thought of taking a bath. Paul says, “Our Miracle Method can make any bathtub–even a vintage clawfoot tub–look brand-new again! Then you’ll look forward to a relaxing soak…and we can make it even more comforting with the The Easy Step® walk-in tub conversion. Stepping up and over the side of your tub can be dangerous, but our safety package can give you total peace of mind!”

If your bathroom sports time-capsule colors like avocado green or salmon pink and your surfaces have seen better days…don’t be scared of change. Banish the ghosts of the past with a call to Miracle Method of Houston Southwest. Jonee and Paul are proud to be accredited members of the BBB, have an A rating on Angie’s List and have won the Angie’s List Super Service Award six year in a row. “We don’t believe in living with a scary bathroom,” says Jonee. “Call us today, and we’ll make your bathroom (or kitchen) look like new!”

Miracle Method Surface Refinishing
603 Murphy Road (by appointment only)
Stafford, TX

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