The Benefits of Yoga Disguised as a Massage

by Amy Sharp

Busy. Busy. Busy. With school back in session, it’s no secret that many of you are managing three or four different household schedules. Every day as you are rushing between baseball and dance you think, “I should really try yoga…I could use some of that harmony and peace. But these tired muscles could also use a massage! And there is no time for both!”

What if you could get the benefits of yoga and massage combined into one session? You’ll be surprised to learn that is exactly the type of healing they have been doing in Thailand for more than 2,500 years! License massage therapist Mona owns Therapeutic Thai Massage along with her husband Theo. She says, “Thai Massage, also called Thai Yoga Massage or Thai Yoga Bodywork, is truly unique in that it incorporates therapeutic stretching, rhythmic massage, assisted Yoga poses, acupressure, healing energy, and meditation all into the same session. In traditional massage, you lie in one or two positions throughout your session. In Thai Massage our masseuses will help you stretch and will apply acupressure (just the right amount!) along the energy lines of your body. There are more than 400 positions in traditional Thai massage, but our therapists understand body mechanics and choose the right positions for your issues…so you’ll always be comfortable.”

It’s hard in today’s world to have a regular yoga practice (and routine massages!), yet we all yearn to recharge and escape from our overbooked lives. Mona says, “Everyone deserves to feel happy, calm and relaxed. The effects of Thai Massage last far beyond the time you spend with us. This massage will balance your energy and improve circulation to help with lymphatic drainage and increased blood to your heart and digestive areas. Thai Massage heals you…mind, body and soul!”

Ready to experience some benefits of yoga without becoming an experienced yogi? Escape to Therapeutic Thai Massage, where you’ll be greeted by soothing fountains, fragrant tea, the scent of jasmine and lemongrass and a pair of cozy slippers. When you leave your reward is increased energy and that feeling of harmony and peace that you have been craving.

After your massage, you’ll have renewed energy and focus, so the rest of your day (and week!) will be easier. Theo says, “We offer other massages like Swedish and Hot Stone, as well as combo packages and annual memberships. With appointments available seven days a week between 10am and 10pm (last appointment at 9pm), you really can make an invigorating Thai Massage part of your busy schedule!”

Therapeutic Thai Massage
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