The Best Body of My Life

After Janice Davis lost weight and went from 220 lbs to 160 lbs, she wanted to get a firmer, flatter stomach. She says, “I had a tummy tuck, but I wasn’t happy with it. The doctor removed skin, but my shape was really boxy and there were stitches all around my belly button so it looked like a ball. My hips were still big, so I felt like dresses caught there, even though my stomach was flat. Two or three years later, I saw Dr. Ahmadi’s sign and decided to do some research. I found a video of him talking about his procedure, the Lipotuck™ . Everything he said seemed like the answer I needed.”

“Unlike other places, Dr. Ahmadi doesn’t make you have the tummy tuck first and then the liposuction. He’s combined them in the Lipotuck™ so you get the curvy look you really want. I was scared, but he gave me such confidence that I told him, ‘I’ll put my life in your hands.’ From the first minute I met him I loved and trusted him. I literally just showed him what had been done to me and asked him what he could do with it. He flat out listens to you and before he leaves he asks, ‘Are you sure I answered all your questions? You can call me anytime.’ He wants to make sure you’re one hundred percent happy. I was so happy with him that I had him do my breasts, too.”

“Everyone in his office is so friendly and helpful…they’re really nice people. And even though he’s such a skilled and talented doctor, he’s also really caring and takes his time with you. One night after my procedure I was a little worried about a pain in my breast, so I called the number he gave me. He answered the phone himself…that was one of my favorite things about him!”

“My daughters took great care of me…and now they’re a little jealous of my curvy figure! My husband and I have been married for thirty-four years. He supported me in this decision, but he’s always loved me no matter what. Now I catch him just staring at me…he’s so happy. My son was a little embarrassed by the whole thing, but he said, ‘Man, mom, you look good!’

“Now I have a true hourglass figure and a belly button that looks better than the one I was born with! I wish I’d known about him earlier…because he would have been my first choice then as he will always be now! I was skinny as a teenager, but I never had a figure like this. Today I’m fifty-two years old…with the body of a thirty-year-old.”

re you ready to see the possibilities? Dr. Ahmadi of Avante Plastic Surgery is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties to provide all aspects of cosmetic surgery. His Lipotuck™ delivers a curvy, feminine look you’ll love!

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