El Pescador Boats Announces New Owner Richard Weischwill

Victoria native Richard Weischwill has been a fisherman most of his life. After earning his captain’s license in 1995, Richard ran an inshore guide service for three years until his interests shifted offshore. “For the next 14 years, I chased blue marlin all over the world!” says Richard. “By 2013, I found my way back home and set anchor on a ranching business while continuing my love for fishing both offshore and inshore.”

Once a fisherman, always a fisherman…
“Fishing has always been a huge facet of my life as I love the water,” explains Richard. “My passion for fishing has also piqued my interest in the design elements of the boats that I have fished on over the years. I saw boats built by El Pescador in Port O’Connor, where I met Dave Kveton (former El Pescador Boats owner) a few years back. Dave built a great boat, and when I heard he was looking to retire, I thought the business would be an excellent opportunity for me. This business gives me the avenue to take a great product and strive to make it better. My mission is to provide an affordable, high-performance fishing boat while building and maintaining long-lasting relationships with each and every customer.”

As they say, the rest is history…
On January 6, 2020, Richard purchased El Pescador Boats from Dave Kveton. With a more than 20-year history, these boats have earned an honest reputation as one of the fastest catamaran hull (cat hull) shallow water boats in their class. The hull is constructed with the most up-to-date composite available with the absence of wood materials. It runs shallow, comes up shallow, and is an extremely dry and comfortable ride. What is the best part? These cats are custom built to your specifications. The customer chooses the motor, selects one or two colors, and then outfits as desired. Richard says, “I’m definitely adding my own twist from years of experience, but these are the same great boats, built by the same El Pescador team.”

Are you ready?
The first step is to schedule a demo ride. “We never want you to just look at these boats on a trailer,” says Richard. “We want to introduce you to the boat with a run on the water, so that you really know what you’re buying.” Don’t be surprised if your demo ride includes one or both of Richard’s fishing buddies, his sons Will and Lane. “Fishing is in their blood too, and I never fish alone anymore!”

Richard and his wife Melanie, partner of South Star Wealth Management, are raising their family in Victoria, TX. When Richard and Melanie are not on the water or keeping up with the boys, they are active in many community events throughout the Gulf Coast area.

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