How to Win the Thermostat Wars

Do you hear that? It’s the chorus of your family complaining about how hot it is inside the house. Oh, sure…one or two rooms are bearable. But the bedrooms upstairs are always sweat boxes. Then come the covert ops: various people-who-shall-not-be-named tiptoeing through the house to turn down the thermostat. Before you know it, the usually bearable rooms are freezing cold and your energy meter is spinning out of control – the Thermostat Wars have begun.

If this sounds familiar, there are solutions. According to Brian Jackson of Jackson Air & Heat in Sugar Land, your first line of defense is to have your ductwork inspected by a trained professional. If there are holes, leaks or blockages that are preventing cool air from reaching its destination, that could be your problem, and zoning a system works very well. But sometimes it’s the fault of an older or less-efficient air conditioning unit. Anything older than 10 to 15 years usually needs to be replaced.

“You shouldn’t have to keep your unit running all the time just to keep your house cool,” explains Brian. “Running your air conditioner constantly also means jaw-dropping energy bills. That’s why we use Trane variable speed XV20i air conditioners with TruComfort technology. They give you the exact amount of air conditioning you need when you need it. They’re also high efficiency—that means lower energy bills—and they remove humidity, which is so important here in Texas. Trane’s variable speed will please anyone who’s been on the losing end of the family thermostat wars: You can control everything from your computer or smartphone!”

If your old A/C barely made it through last summer, now might be the time to get a great pre-season deal. Jackson Air & Heat can offer you 0% financing or instant rebates, plus Centerpoint rebates…up to $3240 in savings on a new Trane system.

“Whatever system you have, the most important thing is to keep it operating at peak condition,” says Brian. “That’s why it pays to always schedule an annual tune up. We come out, do a comprehensive tune up on your air conditioning system to verify that it’s working properly. This will extend the life of the equipment, prevent unnecessary repairs and breakdowns, save on your utility bills and keep your home safe. Call today to schedule your air conditioning tune up or a free air conditioning evaluation and quote. Our job is to make you comfortable!”

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