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When J.D. Sellers—owner of Optimal Sports Performance (OSP)—built his home nine years ago, there were bugs here and there for the first five years. J.D. says, “I had two different companies come out and both told me I needed to be on their monthly plan to get rid of the bugs. But it didn’t make sense to me. If they were doing their job…the bugs would be gone!”

Around that time, local guys John Onofrey and Chris Millward opened BUGCO…the third company J.D. hired. “John came out and did the inside and sprayed around the outside. He told me it would knock ‘em out and he didn’t need to come back for three months. He backed up his word…the bugs were gone.” Fast forward to 2013 when J.D. took ownership of OSP. With a new location and a new build out, he again had a bug problem. “I called John and got the same deal I had in my home…and the bugs were gone. Not only had I found a great company, I’d also found a great friend in John. BUGCO has grown. Back when I started with the service it was just the two of them. They have an army of guys now, and they’re all just like John and Chris. Great people who are all low key, personable, friendly, and easy to talk to. They get the job done! I can’t help but refer them to other people!”

Optimal Sports Performance is widely known for athletic and sports performance training. But the hidden secret? OSP also offers small group adult training…something John now takes advantage of. A decorated Marine that has always given his all…his days in the Marines were a long time ago. Over time, raising a family and working hard combined with a less than stellar diet took its toll on his body. “After turning fifty things changed for me,” says John. “And not in a good way. I was in a lot of pain due to arthritis and inflammation. After spine surgery, a partial knee replacement and a hip replacement, I lost a lot of muscle and gained too much fat. My longtime friend J.D. kept on me to join them at OSP. I finally made the decision to try the trainer lead adult group workouts about eight months ago, and I committed myself to working out a minimum of three days a week for one hour. The difference is incredible. Most of my pain is gone. Simple tasks are no longer difficult. I feel strong and I’ve lost fat and gained muscle. The members I have met there are welcoming, super friendly and inspire me during every session. Their presence makes the workouts easier. OSP has literally saved my quality of life!”

“I love that I was able to help J.D., and he was able to help me,” continues John. “We have many, many fantastic businesses right here in Fort Bend County, and I’m truly grateful for all this community has done for me and my family. I really encourage everyone to consider buying ‘Fort Bend First!’”

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