“I could have lost a foot!”

Sixty-five-year-old Alice Taplin was experiencing excruciating pain in her right foot and ankle. “It hurt, and it didn’t look right,” explains Alice. “The PA at my pain management doctor suggested I see Dr. Zagum Bhatti at Modern Vascular in Houston.”

An angiogram of Alice’s right ankle revealed that she has Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD). PAD is a condition where blood flow to the legs, feet, and toes is decreased due to plaque buildup on arterial walls, causing the peripheral arteries to narrow (atherosclerosis). “It was bad,” says Alice. “Blood was not getting to one side of my foot. Dr. Bhatti explained to me that without treatment, I might need amputation. It’s what I like most about Dr. Bhatti: He educated me on my condition. He treats everyone like a human being. I was never rushed, and I was encouraged to ask questions.”

At Modern Vascular in Houston, Dr. Bhatti and his team utilize minimally-invasive, image-guided procedures to treat PAD. This treatment revascularizes the arteries below the knee and in the foot, relieving pain and usually preventing amputation. Alice says, “On the day of my procedure, Dr. Bhatti and his staff went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable. They helped each other out. You could tell they work well together as a team. It really took away the fear for me.” All revascularizations at Modern Vascular are outpatient procedures and take about two hours. Patients go home the same day.

“It was a mind-blowing experience,” continues Alice. “Without treatment, I could have lost a foot! I still have pain off and on, but it’s much better. It’s so good to find medical people that have not lost their touch. Dr. Bhatti is awesome, and his staff is awesome. He really wants to help his patients. I’m a retired nurse, and I have no complaints. I admire doctors like Dr. Bhatti.”

PAD warning signs include numbness, cramps, weakness, foot wounds, discoloration, and cold feet. The largest risk factor for PAD is diabetes. Smokers and those with high blood pressure or high cholesterol are also at risk. The Modern Vascular location here in Richmond is one of 17 clinics nationwide, four in Texas, and the only Houston area clinic. To learn more or schedule an evaluation, visit www.ModernVascular.com.

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