If He Can, He Will

Betty Greenwood’s grandson Jordyn was born with a chromosomal disorder. “It has no label,” says Betty. “We were told he would always be delayed in skills. That he would never grow, never sit, never talk and never walk. We were told he would not live past five years old.”

“The first time we realized Jordyn could learn, he was sitting with my 12 year old niece. She was clapping his hands. We told her to say ‘clap’ each time she clapped. Then we told her to stop, and just say the word. She said ‘clap’ and he clapped! He made the connection!”

“If he can, he will.” That became Betty’s mantra. “We decided that if this is who Jordyn was, we were going to give him the skills we could at every age.” Betty found MedCare Pediatric Group—the comprehensive care group for children age birth to 21—through Jordyn’s insurance. Jordyn receives occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy at MedCare. They also work with Betty on a home health plan. “We were so blessed to find them, because they believe in Jordyn. Right now we are focused on what he can do, and they embrace that. They incorporate our ideas and wants with their knowledge and expertise. Jordyn is at the center two days a week, and the rest of the time we work with him at home. These fantastic therapists assist us—guide us—in helping Jordyn achieve his goals.”

Now nine years old, Jordyn is doing things Betty was told he would never do. He walks with assistance. He sits. He’s verbalizing sounds…and he’s making more and more connections. “He knocks on the back door when he wants the trampoline…and just last week he got himself in and was bouncing around on his bottom. He’s not strapped in a wheelchair. MedCare gave him the courage to do these things through his therapy…they gave him his freedom!”

Barely able to hold back the tears, Betty says, “MedCare made all of this possible. They’ve earned Jordyn’s trust, and in turn he works with them. We never feel that we are just a number or that they are just punching a clock…it’s all about Jordyn. There has to be a place for these children, and MedCare is it. Unless you have a child with these needs, you cannot appreciate what these skilled people give to your child. It’s more than meds and school…it’s heart. And MedCare has the heart for it. We would never take him anywhere else.”

MedCare Pediatric Group accepts Medicaid and will work with any insurance company. If you feel your child could benefit from their therapy or nursing services, call today.

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