Energy Efficiency and Indoor Air Quality

The world has changed a lot over the past 18 months. Telehealth is now common, and the ability to work from home has expanded to many industries. We also got a lesson in just how crippling a brutal winter storm can be to our area. And we’ve learned a very important fact about our A/C systems: We need them to do more than just heat and cool.

Brian Jackson, owner of local Jackson Air and Heat, says, “Let’s start with energy efficiency. We’ve now seen ERCOT (Electric Reliability Council of Texas) declare a state of emergency earlier this year, and in June we were asked to conserve energy during the heatwave. You probably know this, but older A/C systems are energy hogs. Here at Jackson Air and Heat, we are a Trane Comfort Specialist. Many of the Trane variable speed systems, including the Trane TruComfort XV20i, are very energy efficient. They can drive down your energy consumption (and cost) by as much as 60%, an average savings of more than $500 a year. Not only is this cost-effective for your family…but as we put more energy-efficient systems online, maybe we’ll see a decrease in the times we are asked to conserve energy!”

As a whole, we are also more aware than ever of airborne pathogens. Cleaner air can limit our exposure to certain viruses and asthma and allergy-causing particles. Your A/C system can be enhanced to clean the air by installing an Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) product. Brian says, “Available IAQ products include ultra violet (UV) lights, media filters, Air Scrubbers, and the Trane CleanEffects whole house filtration system. These products remove allergens, dust, and viruses…making the air in your home cleaner, healthier, and easier to breathe.”

Both Trane and Jackson Air and Heat recommend installing the IAQ products with a Trane XV variable speed system. “By pairing the two,” explains Brian, “you are capitalizing on the best of both. Trane variable speed systems are energy efficient. They do not start and stop at full speed. Instead, the variable speed compressor knows exactly when to vary the operating speed as the outdoor temperature changes. Since these systems run longer at a lower speed, they spend more time cleaning the air in your home when paired with an IAQ product. That’s a win-win!” Customers can save even more by taking advantage of Trane’s current offer of 0% financing or instant rebates, and Centerpoint also has rebates currently available.

Jackson Air and Heat is the oldest independent Trane dealer in Sugar Land. For nearly 40 years, they’ve stayed on top of the ever-evolving world of air conditioning. In today’s world, energy efficiency and indoor air quality are important. Brian says, “We’re always available to answer questions about energy efficiency, indoor air quality, or just air conditioning in general. Feel free to give us a call anytime!”

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