“I Just Love These Guys!”

Campbells Compounding PharmacyThat’s what Barbie Perry told us about her pharmacists at Campbell’s Compounding Pharmacy. And she should know. She’s been with them for more than five years!

“I take thyroid medication that’s compounded,” says Barbie. “I had been getting it filled at my doctor’s office in Katy…but that was a long drive to get my refills, and I had heard great things about Campbell’s Compounding right here in Sugar Land. I dropped in one day and met with Dr. Lance Campbell himself. I was extremely impressed with him, his staff, and the way they communicated with me about my medication.”

Today, Barbie uses Campbell’s Compounding for both her thyroid medicine and bio-identical hormone replacement. “The thing about both of these conditions,” says Barbie, “is that when things are not right, you are really not feeling well. It can be very frustrating to just ‘get a prescription and see what happens.’ That doesn’t happen at Campbell’s. They take a more holistic approach, looking at your whole health picture and walking you through the process. This is not big medicine. They take the time to take care of you. I recently lost some weight through marathon training, and was starting to not feel well. Turned out since I was leaner, my thyroid dosage was too high. Campbell’s navigated me through the process of cutting back the dosage, and I feel great again. Ready for my first half marathon!”

When you make Campbell’s Compounding your pharmacy, you’re never just a number…and they make sure you’re never lost in the shuffle. “It’s true!” says Barbie. “Every time I walk in there—no matter who is working—they know me by name and my items are ready…which of course I already knew because I received a friendly text that my prescriptions were ready for pickup. It just feels like a hometown environment in a really professional way.”

“I just love Dr. Lance and everyone that works at Campbell’s. They’ve helped my husband with medications and compounded a cream for my daughter’s skin. They have been great to our family and I highly recommend them to everyone!”

Campbell's Compounding Pharmacies Campbell’s Compounding Pharmacy
“If our staff can’t make it…then you probably don’t need it!”
Sugar Land
4760 Sweetwater Blvd. Suite 103

6603 Kirby Dr., Houston, TX 77005


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