Katy: Control Your Home from Anywhere You Roam

by Amy Sharp

You can get the “state-of-the-art, custom-designed, best-there-is” services at an “everyday, anybody-can-afford-it” price.  Halo Professionals is your concierge of home services–from automation to security to satellite–custom tailored to fit your needs. Owner Clay Martin says, “We help you put in the right products at the right price!”

An Army veteran, after returning home from Desert Storm Clay pursued his MBA at University of Houston. Clay says, “During an entrepreneur class, I realized that was the path for me! I brainstormed the idea with family, and at the time satellites were going up rapidly.” Clay and his wife, Rebekah settled into her hometown Katy, and launched their business as a Dish Network retailer. Clay says, “Our Dish business was and is very successful. But the question I most often heard was, ‘Who do you recommend for security?’ After hearing this 20-30 times, I told Rebekah, ‘We might be going in the security business,’ and we became retailers for one of the big name monitoring companies, but I soon realized I could provide a better service at a better price if I created my own brand. I could provide the Mercedes security system for the Toyota price. And with all of the options for security with home automation, we can really put together a system that works for just about anybody!”

How many times have you driven away and thought, “Did I close the garage door?” Has your teenager repeatedly lost her house key? Or maybe you hate giving a key to the cleaning service. Clay says, “This is the beauty of home automation. Through a simple app on your smartphone, you are able to check the garage door. With keypads on all doors…the need for actual keys is in the past. Are the cleaners only expected at certain times? Make their code only valid at those times. From doors to lights to A/C, you can literally see and control everything that is going on in your home at any time! The A/C can even be programmed to detect when everyone has left the home by checking for the presences of their smart phones…once everyone is gone, it automatically adjusts the temperature up. When the system detects one phone is back within three miles of the house, it automatically adjusts the temperature back down. Now that’s a lot of energy conservation!” Have a business or vacation home? You can control more than one place from the app. How great would automated temperature adjustment be for your vacation home on the Gulf…not to mention 24/7 monitoring and video surveillance?!

Ready for state-of-the-art security at a lower price? Call Halo Professionals today! With Halo, you can ‘control your home from anywhere you roam!’

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