Legendary, American-Made Performance

When you are a serious audiophile…serious, high-end equipment matters. Did you know that the best amplifiers in the world have been made right here in the USA for more than 64 years?

“Power amplifiers are the driving force behind any great system,” says Richard Machemehl of Home Theater Evolutions. “That’s why we are proud to offer made in the USA, legendary McIntosh amplifiers. With a blend of eye-catching aesthetics, power and sonic integrity, these top-of-the-line amplifiers have been capturing the imagination of music lovers and home theater enthusiasts for decades.”

What sets McIntosh apart? Well, it’s the best and it’s built to last! In a CBS News Morning Show segment, a McIntosh employee was asked how long these amps would last…he didn’t know! “We’ve been making them for 64 years,” he said, “and they’re still working!” That’s legendary, American-made performance. “These amps will change the way you listen,” says Richard, “Once you put in a McIntosh, it’s an investment. You will have crystal clear sound for the next 60+ years and counting…no need to replace equipment every five years or so. It lasts so long you’ll have to pass it on to your kids and grand kids. And unlike most electronics, these amplifiers appreciate. It’s an investment…a guaranteed return. They average 5-10% appreciation a year. You can find McIntosh amps on Ebay that retailed in the ‘70s for around $500 that today are worth more than $2500. We know they’re not cheap. The McIntosh company motto is ‘Spend more on the good, hear less of the bad.’ But if you can afford it…you’re buying longevity and you’re buying the best. You’ll be hearing the music as the artist wants it to be heard…and your equipment will outlast you!”
Home Theater EvolutionsReady to outfit your home with best amp in the world? Richard and his partner Scott Crain at Home Theater Evolutions are at your service! “We can help you with the full package,” says Scott. “McIntosh is the undisputed best amp, and we can help you choose speakers to work with them to produce the sound exactly as it is, without any distortions. Speakers can be in-ceiling, in-wall, as bookshelf speakers, or with a removable wall-mount option…it really depends on your space…but pure, accurate, amazing sound is definitely our game!”
Sound good? Come by Home Theater Evolutions’ showroom and hear the McIntosh amp and other equipment for yourself. “We offer free in-home estimates, up-front pricing, complete installation and set-up,” says Scott, “Tell us what you want and we’ll put together a package and equipment that’s perfect for you!”

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