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by Sarah Warburton

“A few years ago,” says Fort Bend resident Allan Meyer, “I read an article in UpClose Magazine about All Out A/C and Heating. It impressed me so much I tore it out and kept it in my desk. When my wife Sharon and I decided to replace both of our nineteen-year-old A/C systems, we got bids from several companies…and All Out A/C was our first choice. I like to use a local company and I confirmed they have a good reputation online and through the BBB. Throughout our experience with them, every single one of their guys answered our questions honestly and without any pressure, really listened to us and made sure they understood us completely, and did their work promptly.”

“Our two A/C units had been installed by the builder of our home. One of them in the attic had a “compact install,” which isn’t wrong or unsafe, but isn’t the best choice either. Our guy from All Out A/C told us, ‘If it were my house, I would change this when the new system is installed.’ We took his advice, and they didn’t charge us any extra to do it! The install crew even vacuumed the carpet when they were done and made sure they left the space cleaner than they found it.”

“They handled the online warranty registration for us and got all the documentation we needed for our taxes. We got two high efficiency complete systems to help lower our electric bills…and they also qualified for some tax credits.”

“A great benefit to choosing a local company is knowing they’ll stand behind their work if something goes wrong. One of the parts on our new system was defective (from the manufacturer) and All Out A/C was Johnny-on-the-spot when they found out about it. They sent someone out the night we called to get it up and running again. Every single person told us exactly what was going on, not just what they thought we wanted to hear. A week or two after they installed the new part, they installed two carbon monoxide detectors…and they didn’t collect a nickel more than they had told us on the initial quote.”

“When you’re choosing an air conditioner, you’re paying for the equipment…but you’re also choosing a business to support. I know firsthand that All Out A/C stands behind their work and if there is a problem they’ll make it right. Before leaving our house, they always walked us around and asked if everything was acceptable. I’ve never met the owners, Bryan Bellamy or Chance Kamp, in person…but every single member of the All Out A/C team understands and delivers an exceptional level of customer service. I highly recommend them!”

Don’t wait to get comfortable! All Out A/C offers affordable monthly payments to get you started with a high-efficiency A/C today!

All Out A/C and Heating
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