Mission “Total Comfort” Accomplished!

by Sarah Warburton

Scott Albright works from home, but it was his family’s comfort that sent him on a mission. He says, “The A/C upstairs in our house cools the kids’ room…and it completely broke down and died on us. Right away I called up a couple of different companies to get quotes. Of all the different companies I called, Bryan and his team at All Out A/C & Heating came in with the best price for the best product. They gave us a speedy installation and everything was really well done. The entire team was professional. I was especially impressed with the work they did in the attic with our duct work…and the most amazing thing was the work they did when we discovered a pre-existing problem.”

“Our new air conditioner has much better pressure than the old one…and that revealed a pre-existing leak in our freon line. Bryan got his top guy out and worked on the problem. Seriously, it was like a needle in a haystack to track it down, but they used their gear and hunted it into the interior of the closet behind the sheet rock. The team from All Out A/C and Heating was able to show me the hole in the line…and the roofing nail that caused it! Who knows how long it had been there? They fixed the problem, repaired the wall, and left everything clean. They were completely determined to get to the bottom of the issue and get it fixed…and they didn’t stop until their mission was accomplished!”

“Our new high efficiency air conditioner was the best quality for the best price I saw anywhere. It’s much quieter and much more efficient than our old unit was. Not only that, but I seriously appreciated their offer of 24 months financing same as cash. When you’re paying for an entire air conditioning system, it’s nice to know you don’t have to drain your savings account. I feel great about the whole experience!”

Bryan Bellamy says, “As co-owners of All Out A/C and Heating, Chance Kamp and I believe the only job worth doing is a job well done. There’s no reason to sweat it out even one more day with our family-friendly financing options on systems guaranteed to keep you cool. Give us a call…and we’ll make your comfort our next mission!”

All Out A/C and Heating
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