Nature abhors a vacuum. And so do I.

“Nature abhors a vacuum. And so do I.” ~Anne Gibbons

ProfessionalCleaningSmallAt the end of the summer, we all need a little help turning our family’s mess back into a home again. Even if you love cleaning, it’s hard to find the time with summer camps, sports practice, and school getting ready to start up again…while getting all your own work done, too! In those few precious moments of free time, do you really want to grab a dust cloth? Max McCammond, co-owner of Professional Maid Service says, “Put your feet up, spend time with your family, take a deep breath…and leave the cleaning to the professionals!”

Get the friendly personal service you’d have from a single housekeeper from a team of professional maids who love facing down killer dust bunnies and getting your home a serious sparkle. Co-owner Sal Lucatero will personally make the initial visit and answer all your questions. He says, “All of our maids are bonded and insured, receive the highest training and only use top-quality products. They’ll show up in professional uniforms, in a company car, and with smiles that show they love what they do. We stand behind our sparkle!”

Make time for the people and activities you truly love…and call Professional Maid Service to keep your home clean. Now instead of saying, “This home is a mess!” you’ll be able to enjoy your “home sweet home” again!

Cleaning to the Max:Now that so many of us are using dishwashers, natural cleaners or grandma’ remedies like white vinegar, you may not keep a pair of rubber gloves by the kitchen sink. Did you know, those old-fashioned rubber gloves are a cheap and easy way to remove pet hair from your sofas, chairs, cars and trucks? Talk about your simple, tried-and-true solutions! Pick up an ordinary pair of rubber gloves from the cleaning aisle at your grocery, big box store, or even the dollar store. Slide them on and run your hands over your sofa, chair, or car interior. The fur should lift and stick to the glove. Submerge your hands in water and the pet fur will come right off the gloves and float on the surface for you to scoop up and toss. No muss, no fuss, and (most importantly) no more fur!

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