A “New” Hall Bath in Three Weeks

“My son is a big guy at 6 foot 4,” says Mike. “So we wanted to take the tub out of the hall bathroom next to his room, put in a shower for him, and connect the bathroom to his room with a pocket door. When the bathroom door was open to the hallway, it was a straight shot back to see the toilet when you walked into our living room. I had read that moving a toilet wasn’t too expensive, so I wanted the toilet moved to the side as part of this project.”

“I was looking on NextDoor, and found where another guy was asking about remodeling contractors. I sent him an email asking who he used and why. He responded to just give him a call. I learned that his project was completed about three months before, and he worked with and recommended Teri Gilberg (better known as the Re-Modelista). I did get a second bid, but I chose Teri based on the recommendation, as well as her bid came in at a lower cost.”

Teri estimated Mike’s hall bathroom remodel—which included repiping the plumbing to move the toilet, removing the soaker tub and adding a shower, new flooring, and adding the pocket door to the adjoining bedroom—would take three weeks. “Her estimate was right on,” says Mike. “My wife did all the design work for the new bathroom. She has that gift, and Teri helped her pull the materials together. During construction, Teri came to the job site every day to check in on things. She was very involved and made sure things were moving along. I found her foreman Tony to be very knowledgeable, and he’s a great problem solver. Tony was in charge of the workers, and they know what they’re doing. They get the job done quickly. The crew worked diligently each day from about 8:30am till 5pm, and cleaned up where they could before leaving. Construction is really messy, and I have a daughter with allergies. Teri’s crew did a great job sealing off the rest of the house from the dust with plastic.”

“Our ‘new’ hall bathroom is the nicest room in the house!” says Mike. “Now I’m looking at other things I can upgrade. We do recommend Teri. She is great!”

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