“I no longer cry at parent-teacher conferences.”

When Jen Watson’s son Ty was in 3rd grade, he was struggling. “Reading was tough, but the school didn’t think he was old enough for a dyslexia test,” says Jen. “We started EduCoachNow (ECN)–the tutoring program at KnILE Center–where founder Betsy de Vega thought otherwise. Betsy recommended a doctor and we got a diagnosis of severe dyslexia.”

Ty’s school accepted the diagnosis and began pulling him from class for special assistance. “We really felt that now that we knew the problem, we could push through it,” continues Jen. “But even with the accommodations, we just didn’t feel Ty was progressing….he was just being passed along. And his confidence was failing. It’s tough to get pulled out of class, and the other kids started to question what was wrong with him. We felt the ECN sessions were helping him, and that summer we decided Ty would start 4th grade at KnILE Prep Academy. We’ve never looked back!”

Today Ty is in the 7th grade. “He’s done amazing since moving to KnILE Prep. They teach him in the way that he can learn. The classes are structured so that he never feels inferior or that something is wrong, and as a result his confidence has grown. It’s like a family. The kids care about each other, the teachers care about the kids, and Betsy loves them all—treating them as if they were her own children. For me, there used to be a lot of tears at parent-teacher conferences. Now I don’t cry anymore!”

KnILE Center, EduCoachNow, KnILE Prep AcademyThis school year marks KnILE’s 8th year of providing a viable educational alternative to children who learn differently. Founder Betsy de Vega says, “We are a school that caters to your child’s learning ability at their own pace. We have children who are gifted and hungry for a challenge, children who struggle academically or socially, and children who have diagnosed or not-yet-diagnosed learning disabilities. We’re here to help those that don’t necessarily fit the traditional mold.” In addition to KnILE Prep Academy (grades 3 through 12) and ECN, KnILE Center offers an in-house school program at Iron Cross Gymnastics for their competitive athletes.

October means report card time, and traditionally the first nine weeks is a period of review. If you find your child is already struggling, it might be time for a change. KnILE has been voted both “Best Private School” and “Best Tutoring” in Fort Bend many times in the past few years…and it’s expanding! Betsy says, “We are excited to add three additional dedicated classrooms to further facilitate the education of our children.”

As for Ty? The entire KnILE experience has helped him tremendously. Every summer and Christmas break his parents check in with him…a litmus test to see if he likes where he is or wants to return to the neighborhood school. So far his response has always been, “I’m never leaving!” Now there’s a kid that loves his school!KnILE Center, EduCoachNow, KnILE Prep Academy

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