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Say there’s a spider in your yard. Is it the good kind that will keep other insects off your tomato plants…while not bothering anything else? Or the bad kind that might send you to the ER? Let BUGCO Pest Control handle all of your insect and rodent concerns, while you keep your peace of mind.

John Onofrey, Chris Millward, and the BUGCO team have been keeping the bugs away from area families since 2007. Locally owned and operated, BUGCO only employs pre-screened, Texas state licensed commercial pest control technicians, and uses state-of-the-art, high quality pesticides and pest control techniques. John says, “The quality of our product is paramount and integrity is our game. We pride ourselves on delivering honest, responsible and effective service, and the kind of personal touch you only get from a local, home-grown company at prices that won’t break the bank. We are so confident in our service, we offer a service warranty.”

Bugco and Top2Bottom InspectionsMaybe you don’t know what it was that just ran across your floor…BUGCO does! John says, “It’s our job to know, and our commitment is making your home a safe, healthy, bug-free zone. We’ve spent countless hours learning about the pests in this area and how to protect both your home and your family. Don’t waste another minute checking the mousetrap by the stove…you have better things to do!”

A few facts you may not know:
1. The German cockroach feasts on toothpaste as well as dirty dishes in the sink.
2. The wolf spider does not spin a web.
3. The queen carpenter ant can live 15 years.
4. Cockroaches can carry diseases, even instigate asthma.

BUGCO Pest Control takes the guesswork out of pest control. Protect your home from these invaders…call today for a free quote! Peace of mind included.

Note to Realtors: For a limited time only, termite inspections are free with every slab foundation home inspection.

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BugCo and Top2Bottom Inspections

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