A Relationship Built to Last

by Sarah Warburton

How do you judge a company? Lisa Cisneros, an Senior Event Manager for a large hotel downtown, says, “At the end of the day it’s all the small things. How they answer the phone, whether the guys they sent to your home are on-time, clean and polite, and how quickly they respond if you have a problem. I can’t imagine using any A/C company other than All Out A/C. Throughout our relationship with them, every single member of their team has met and exceeded our expectations!”

“Several years ago we were new homeowners and our neighbor recommended All Out A/C to repair our A/C…and we’ve stayed with them ever since. Any time we call, they come out promptly, take care of the situation, and I never ever feel like they’re trying to upsell me or pressure me. I was so pleased that I signed up for their seasonal maintenance plan…and then they came out twice a year in the Spring and Fall to check our system and keep it running smoothly.”

“This past July our A/C failed on a Saturday night and our home was at least 85 degrees. I called All Out, thinking it would be another quick fix. Unfortunately, the cheap A/C installed by our builder had finally failed for good. I don’t know anything about air conditioners or how to choose one…and it was so hot and so late at night.  Michael from All Out A/C said, “I understand if you need to call around. You can probably find some companies who will charge you more and some who will charge you less-” I stopped him right there. “If I get an A/C,” I told him, “it’ll be from All Out A/C.” In my business, I know how important your relationship with a company is. The cheapest thing isn’t the best choice, if you can’t trust the company that provides it!”

“I had Michael, the friendly comfort advisor, talk me through some of the different options and explain about each. Then Bryan Bellamy, one of the owners, got on the phone and we agreed on a price. It was 9pm Saturday night when Bryan told me, “We’ll get it done.” Michael the comfort specialist, a new air conditioner, and the installation crew were at my house at 9am the next morning and by noon on Sunday–less than twenty-four hours after the breakdown–our new A/C was up and running. I called Bryan on Monday and told him, “I don’t usually call and thank someone after a big purchase…but I just don’t know how you got the job done so well and so quickly! Thank you so much!”

Bryan Bellamy aka “Mr. A/C” and Chance Kamp say, “Our relationship with you is the foundation of our business. Through Seasonal maintenance to protect your family and prolong the life of your A/C, repairs to get you up and running again, and our speciality–full system replacement–we always aim to exceed your expectations. Call today for off-season pricing and special discounts on a high efficiency system…while they last!”

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