Are You Satisfied With Your Child’s Education?

If the answer’s not a resounding “YES”…don’t fret. You have options! Learning Specialist Betsy de Vega, in conjunction with her boutique school concept KnILE Prep Academy, has the formula you need to get back on track. “When it comes to education,” says Betsy, “no two children are alike. Some of you are concerned about social issues at school. Others lose sleep over academic struggles. Some have gifted kids not being challenged…and others have a diagnosed or not-yet-diagnosed learning disability. Still others have demanding athletic schedules that don’t lend themselves to traditional school calendars.”

But when you enroll your student at KnILE, both the learning environment and the schedule are flexible. “We have a variety of choices,” says Betsy. “At our main campus, we offer full-day, part-time and home school options…allowing you to create a program that works for your family. We work in small ratios in a blended environment, using technologies and innovative strategies to reach each and every student…and every child works at their own pace. The end result is that we are catering to your whole child, allowing them to learn in the way that their individual mind was built to learn. Through our partnership with Iron Cross Gymnastics, we provide an at-the-gym program where athletes get a quality education custom-fit into the demanding practice schedule…allowing these kids ample time to spend with their families.”

Perhaps you give your school the two thumbs up…but it’s always difficult for your child to “get back in the saddle” after summer. “It’s called the summer slide,” says Betsy. “Studies show that children slip back an average of 25% in reading skills each summer, and lose about 2.6 months of grade-level equivalency in math. That’s why summer is a great time to check out our EduCoachNow (ECN) tutoring program. We’ll put together a customized program for your child where we combine cognitive training skills exercises plus teach enhanced organizational, study and test taking strategies…all in one-on-one sessions.”

With Spring Break approaching, it’s time to assess the situation. If you feel your child’s education could use a boost or a change…KnILE Center logogive Betsy a call. She’s always happy to talk, helping you understand the best options available for the education of your child.

Betsy de Vega

KnILE Center, LLC ~ EduCoachNow
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