Spring Cleaning for Our Children

Spring brings more than warmer weather…this “testing season” brings extra stress and looming deadlines for our children. As parents to two kids of our own, my husband and I understand how hard it is to see your kids struggle with anxiety. I’ve found that a little ‘spring cleaning’ can make this spring brighter for everyone.

Breathe. Mom and Dad, your emotions affect how your children react. In the hoopla of getting into the best college, being the best in sports, and being top of the class, we need to remember all this pressure can really affect our children’s psyche. As long as they try their best, that’s all we can ask for. Relax!

Patience. If we have a child who is struggling, being bullied, has learning or other disabilities, this hinders their learning. Pushing too hard can make things worse…but exercising our patience gives kids a chance to work things out in their own time.

Communication. Children may not communicate well, so it’s up to us to let them know we are here and always ready to listen. Kids may not respond right away, but they crave our love and concern…and they are listening.

Embrace this season with your child and help clean away some of their anxiety. Hold them tight and let them know they are not alone. You know they “got this” and you will be by their side as they prepare for every transition in life.

KNILE Center›››Betsy de Vega is a Learning Specialist and founder of the KnILE Center with over twenty-five years in education. At the award-winning KnILE Prep Academy, kids grades 3-12 enjoy a “Little Red Schoolhouse” atmosphere with twenty-first century amenities. She says, “We have big news! Our innovative “brain training meets tutoring” program, EduCoachNow, is now available on the main campus, through a mobile coaching satellite in Missouri City, AND in the Apex Cheer and Athletics Facility in Stafford! We’re excited about this new relationship. Call today to schedule an individual session.”
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