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KnILE Center“Imagine sitting at a desk for six to eight hours a day and listening to someone who is speaking Swahili. You are asked questions in Swahili, a language you barely understand, and are expected to respond in that language. You are given an evaluation of your worth called a grade. How would you feel about yourself as a person?
Betsy de Vega, twenty-five-year learning specialist and founder/Head of School of the KnILE Center, is a passionate advocate for giving each child the self-worth that comes from mastery. “We feel good about ourselves when we’re good at what we do,” she says. “That’s why we offer an after-school boost called EduCoachNow at the KnILE Center and now at Apex Cheer and Athletics Facility in Stafford. These are one-on-one educational training sessions designed to help children strengthen learning skills. Every child has untapped potential if you can find the right ‘learning language.’ EduCoachNow strengthens memory, attention, processing speed, visual and auditory processing, logic and reasoning, etc …so kids have the tools they need to be active, effective learners!”
Most children can perform high-level work under the right conditions, but those conditions aren’t a one-size-fits-all proposition. Betsy invites you to come see the flexible learning environment of the award-winning KnILE Prep Academy where kids grades 3-12 enjoy a “Little Red Schoolhouse” atmosphere with 21st century amenities. “When you speak a child’s language, that child thrives,” Betsy says. “KnILE Prep Academy offers personalized education in an encouraging, friendly setting. Children who just need a boost to excel in a traditional classroom blossom with the help of EduCoachNow.”
Did you know that children may slip back an average of 25% in reading skills each summer and lose about 2.6 months of grade-level equivalency in math? EduCoachNow offers one-on-one “brain training” sessions at the KnILE Center and in a new location at Apex Cheer in Stafford. Betsy says, “We already knew that kids loKnILE Center logove the cheer and tumblng offerings found at Apex. This summer in addition to building strong bodies with the help of the skilled athletic coaches at Apex, kids can strengthen their brains with our cognitive-training coaches at EduCoachNow. Call early to reserve your space!”
Betsy de Vega

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