The Future of Fitness is Here!

Koko Fit Club - the Future of FitnessKoko FitClub, heralded by the LA Times as the Future of Fitness, is now open in Sugar Land! Are you ready for a change? This technology driven concept tailors your workouts so that you get the best gains possible for the time you spend in the gym.

Koko Fit Club - the Future of FitnessCoaching + Technology = Results. Developed in 2007, this automated personal-training system accelerates both men and women toward fitness goals with short custom workouts that incorporate both cardio and strength training. Co-owners Veronica and Mark Malhiot are longtime enthusiasts of the program. “It’s truly tailored to you,” says Mark. “An initial consultation determines your fitness level and baseline measurements. Then Koko’s computerized equipment uses that data to design a tailored workout plan just for you that targets all muscle groups and includes cardio. With weight, pace, and rest time precisely calculated, our patented Smartraining machines guide you through each workout—adapting as your fitness needs change—to constantly challenge the body. It’s always 45 minutes or less, and each session is filled with great information from a personal trainer. You are coached every step of the way, and you can track your results and body composition measurements with our FitCheck machine or online…where you can even preview your upcoming workout so you know exactly what to expect when you get to the gym. If you like, you can also compare individual fitness levels to others in the Koko FitClub community.”

Koko Fit Club - the Future of FitnessThe program has worked so well for the couple, they’ve now opened their own franchise right here in Sugar Land. “For me,” says Veronica, “it’s just been extremely motivating. It’s filled with lots of encouragement and support. Plus, with the personalized exercise plan, I really feel like I’m getting the most out of each and every workout.”

Are you ready for the future? Take advantage of Koko FitClub Sugar Land’s grand opening offers. “Visit our website for a free guest pass or take advantage of 30 days for $30,” says Mark. “Both offers come at no additional obligation. But we suspect that like Veronica and I, you too will become a Koko-Nut once you see what this program can do for you! We can’t wait to meet you!”

Koko Fit Club - the Future of FitnessKoko FitClub
18318 University Blvd., Sugar Land, TX 77479

Koko Fit Club - the Future of Fitness

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