The Keys to Unlocking Vascular Health
(and to wearing your shorts with confidence!)

Ulises BaltazarSummertime in Sugar Land is “hot soup” weather thanks to frequent summer showers. In the past, Southern belles wore lightweight fabrics to get through the humid days. Today’s women prefer to simply wear shorts, a great alternative with one exception. Visible varicose veins. These veins lie under the skin and have become widened, twisted, and bulging. No one who has them feels great about the change of attire the summer brings with shorts and bathing suits, which reveal the spider web of veins.

Because they are ugly and achy for some, varicose veins are the primary reason parents sit out of all their kid’s fun summer activities. However, varicose veins are more than a cosmetic issue. “Varicose veins are slightly, sure,” says local vascular surgeon Ulises Baltazar, MD, RVT, FACS, “but of even more concern is the person’s health. Varicose veins can increase your chance of potentially lethal blood clots, which is why it’s essential that any varicose vein sufferer see a specialist.”

“Varicose veins are actually a vascular health problem,” continues Dr. Baltazar. “When the valves in your veins are unhealthy, blood can then flow backward and pool inside the vein and it swells…leading to venous diseases like spider veins, varicose veins and venous stasis ulcers. What may seem like a cosmetic issue can become painful and even potentially dangerous if not treated by someone who understands the problem. And good news…if we can verify that the vein isn’t working properly, the treatment is generally covered by insurance.”

The study and treatment of varicose veins has long been a focus for Dr. Baltazar, who did his Vascular Surgery Residency at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. While at Baylor, he served as Administrative Chief Resident and was awarded the Outstanding Resident in Vascular Surgery Award. He helped to pioneer endovascular surgery at East Tennessee University, where he also did his General Residency. Dr. Baltazar has had vast experience in diagnosing and treating diseases of the arteries and veins especially in the cutting-edge medical technologies that use guide wires, lasers, and ultrasound.

When you love what you do, it’s easy to deliver the absolute highest level of care to your patients. Dr. Baltazar has been voted by hospital staff at Methodist Sugar Land Hospital as “Most Supporting Physician,” and he has also won their “Patient’s Choice” award.

Visit Dr. Baltazar and take care of your varicose veins once and for all…then go out and enjoy your summer with your family. Your vascular health could not be in better hands.

Ulises Baltazar MD, RVT, FACS
now affiliated with the renowned Methodist Cardiovascular Surgery Associates
16605 Southwest Freeway Ste 505
(in the Methodist Professional Building 3)


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