A Weight Loss Plan that Really Works

by Amy Sharp

“I’ve lost 95 lbs. thus far,” says high school chemistry teacher Rachel Sims. “People stop me all the time and ask me how I did it!”

Last August, Rachel’s mother (a local business owner) heard about Dr. Chary Tamirisa M.D–aka “Dr. T” at Sugar Land Medical and Aesthetics–from one of her customers. Rachel says, “My mother said her customer highly recommended Dr. T because he really got to the bottom of why weight loss was difficult for some people. I had a lot of weight to lose and hadn’t had much success, so I gave it a shot and scheduled the appointment.”

Through a series of tests, Dr. T. discovered that Rachel’s hormones were out of balance. “We started slow,” says Rachel. “We got the hormones in balance and a nutritional plan in place. I’ve found the plan very easy to follow. I purchase shakes from Dr. T’s office, and the rest of my food I get from my neighborhood grocery store. I’m always satisfied…actually, I’m usually filled up! Once the hormones and nutrition were in check, the weight started to come off. Dr. T. then added an exercise plan…which I also found very easy and reasonable. It’s a simple 30 minutes a day a few times a week.”

Rachel is still working with Dr. T’s office to lose her last few pounds. She says, “The office staff is wonderful and extremely helpful. At first I was in the office once every other week…now I’ve dropped to once every month or two. I’ve found the appointments very easy to fit in my schedule, as the office is always on time. Most of the time I’m there less than 30 minutes!”

In addition to comprehensive weight loss at Sugar Land Medical & Aesthetics, you’ll also enjoy traditional medical services like treatment of disease and management of health issues from Dr. T, his wife board-certified Internist Dr. Tamirisa Renu, M.D., and their daughter Dr. Aparna Tamirisa, M.D. Dr. T. says, “For an improved sex life, we offer both the O-Shot for women and the P-Shot for men. And check out Vampire Face-Lift and Vampire Breast Augmentation, both non-surgical procedures that use your own natural blood cells to lift and rejuvenate. You could enjoy increased energy, sex drive, weight loss, and a more vibrant appearance…call for your consultation today!”
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