What Happened to the Joy of Learning?

by Sarah Warburton

Remember when your kids went skipping off to preschool? If test anxiety and general stress have stolen your children’s smiles, KnILE Center can help. Betsy de Vega, Learning Specialist and founder of KnILE Center says, “A child who’s anxious may not reach his potential in school. Through our upcoming workshop, our one-on-one coaching program, and our summer camps, we’re here to put the joy back into learning!”

On February 27 from 6-8pm, Licensed Professional Counselor, Jennifer B. Schlett will offer, “Workshop on Anxiety in Children and Adolescents” addressing test, social, performance, school and separation anxieties as well as phobias with plenty of interactive exercises and tools for parents. Betsy says, “This free workshop is filling up quickly, so please call 281-682-4573 to reserve your seat. Space is limited.”

If your child is struggling at school, you need a customized alternative to tutoring. “We offer one-on-one after school support in our EduCoachNow program for kids to strengthen their cognitive skills through multi-sensory and game-oriented ‘brain training.’ After an initial evaluation, we’ll do a consultation to decide the best course for your program. We build a child’s self-esteem by identifying and strengthening weak areas. We coach children to correct the root of the problem…instead of treating the symptom. As part of the program, I’m personally willing to attend parent-teacher conferences or ARD meetings with you, but you’ll want to call now to reserve your spot for spring and summer!”

Make this the summer your child becomes a more confident student! KnILE will offer two sessions of “Dive Into the Treasure of Learning,” a week-long science, math, art, and reading summer camp for grades K-5 with the option of mornings, afternoons, or full day from 9-3. Your kids will love KnILE’s unique combination of cognitive and educational challenge…and fun! Mark your calendar for June 9-12 (“Pirates” week) and July 7-10 (“Knights and Princesses” week)…and call now, because space is limited!

“Through our workshops, EduCoachNow, and camps,” says Betsy, “we take joy in reintroducing kids to the love of learning!”

Betsy de Vega
KnILE Center, LLC
KnILE Prep Academy
245 Gonyo Lane
Richmond, TX 77479

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